Friday, July 26, 2013

Thrifty Finds

I love thrifting. I think it is the grown-up version of going on an adventure in search of treasure.  Sometimes you go home empty handed and sometimes you score something wonderful for just a few dollars.
One of my favorite finds this summer:

Six Sheffield Bone White China dinner plates for my hutch at $1 a plate.
I found the same plate going on Ebay for between $15-$20 a plate--definitely a score!
I'd like to find two more, but for now my collection of pretty white dishes continues to grow, slowly but surely!
And then there was this frame:

I've been on the look-out for a pretty frame to change into a chalkboard for awhile.
I slipped the glass out, spray painted the frame white, and then attempted to spray paint the art print with chalkboard spray paint.  It looked fine, but overall I prefer the chalkboard paint that you roll on.  It is more "gritty" and feels more like a chalk board.  In the end I pulled out my can and rolled over it a few times. I'm still debating maybe glazing over that white (it seems a tad stark at the moment).

A happy hutch to make it through the rest of summer.
And then we know what comes next!! Pumpkin time!!!
However, I'm a bit concerned about this year's pumpkin crop.  I don't think it comes anywhere close  to how far along  last year's was at this time.  #perplexingpumpkins?  My mother-in-law's look fabulous though, and if her last harvest was any indication I'm going to guess she'll have enough to share. ;o)  'Twould be a sad fall without pretty pumpkins . . .


Brooke said...

Oh how I love a good "before & after"! It's always so satisfying to make something pretty, and when that something was a thrifty find it's even better. Someday when you're in Lincoln we should try to ditch our kids and hit the goodwills together. :-) Love your new chalkboard!

Anna said...

Lovely! The contrasting B&W is so pretty--and hooray for thrifty finds! You're my hero of a budgeting Brooke's idea...thrifting party! :)