Friday, July 5, 2013

Small-town 4th of July

We kicked off the day with a 7:00 a.m. firing of a cannon.
In the event you are clueless (like I was) standing within 30 feet of a cannon firing is REALLY LOUD.
To say I was startled would be an understatement.
 Owen and I find ourselves downtown ready for the parade to begin by mid-morning.  We were the only two members of the family not on a float.  And that worked out well . . . you should see the candy this little guy got!  I can't imagine if  I had all five kids scavenging!

 The girls were on the swim team float.  Isabella got to ride in the boat, Marissa walked along side throwing candy.  Josh got to drive the brand-new Dodge Ram pick-up that pulled the boat.  Poor guy.
And the boys rode with the t-ball team.  I was on the wrong side to capture picnics so I might have been that mom dashing into the parade to switch sides and hurriedly snap a few pics before they moved on.
And then I saw the truck that I wouldn't mind owning some day.  Although I'd like it to be a bit more aqua.  And then when I have my pumpkin farm I will fill the back with pumpkins and drive it to the farmer's market, and sell the pumpkins right off the truck.  That would be lovely. ;o)
We went swimming (pool free to the public all afternoon).
Once back home there was an incident with a Jackson, a bat, and a Owen, resulting in an ER run to Holdrege for Mommy and Owen.  He was a PERFECT patient.  Two and a half hours and three stitches later we joined up with the rest of the family back in Arapahoe.
Josh got involved in a slow-pitch softball game--old guys (which he is a part of . . .) versus the young guys.  I think they played like 23 innings.  Josh said the young guys just couldn't admit defeat.  I left around 9:40 because certain youngest boys were beginning to unravel emotionally.
We set up chairs in our yard and watched the town's firework display.
And then we did a little igniting of our own.  Although it is possible I left Josh and his little pyro offspring (a risky decision I know . . .) in the driveway and found myself tucked into bed by 11:00.  I'm happy to report as of this morning all children were in bed, accounted for, and no missing fingers.  We'll count that a success. ;o)
All that to say, this is the first time we haven't celebrated the 4th in Lincoln, and the kids kept telling us that this was the BEST 4th EVER!  Once I was talking with my sister in relation to our move and I told her how it just always feels like we are missing out on everything that is happening back in Lincoln.  I always feel bad about that--guilty--knowing there is stuff we would be doing but can't because we live out here now.  And she told me not to look at it that way--instead see it as all the experiences my kids are getting to have that everybody back in Lincoln is not.  And that was a great change of perspective for me.  I don't know how long God will keep us out here, but I do know that if that time ever does come to move we will leave with rich experiences in our possession.  Life isn't on hold here--it's different, but lovely.


Judi said...

What a special post...and love all the photos.

Anna said...

I'm loving your chronology of the fun and festive day...and chuckling at your description of the late-night risk-taking. (But OH! poor Owen...) Your sis had quite a nugget of wisdom for you...sometimes I still regret living in that mindset in Phx. Because I thought it was going to be so short/temporary I was unwilling to grow roots and invest in that life that I wanted to hurry us by so we could move onto the next thing. Anyway, it's wonderful to hear the Lord's blessings in this 'different' phase of life. Hope you can unfold more ways to enjoy and savor the blessings of "now." *hugs*

Kari M said...

Love the part about the vintage truck and the pumpkin farm! I would certainly buy from you.....the truck reminds me of Mater in his glory days! And your 4th looks so fun I feel like we are the ones missing something here! (-:

Natalie said...

I've enjoyed catching up on all your posts. Your pics look great and I especially love the last one on this post!