Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 14-20

{better late than never}
 Emmett is obsessed with playing "War." All day long he is begging anybody who chances to walk by--sometimes he just plays himself . . .
 Yellow beans from the garden.  I know, I know, pics of veggies, who cares, but there is just something so very satisfying about eating a vegetable you grew yourself (and having a photograph as proof!). ;o)
 Evening swim at the Arapahoe pool--Owen paddling about in the "baby boat."
 Delighted to hear the cloud watching conversation going on between my oldest four as they cloud-watched from inside the house.
Pretty cosmos.
 A happy garden day with an almost rainbow array of veggies--the kids were sad we didn't have any blue vegetables.
After 9 days daddy-less we reunited at Grandpa and Grandma's pool.  He is surviving his detasseling experience, but I think we will all be happy when we can close this chapter. ;o)


Brooke said...

I love the cloud-watchers photo, just makes me feel peaceful looking at it. And I agree, where are the blue vegetables?!?! Yellow beans, yummmm... we've been enjoying those too, I say bring on the veggie pictures!

Anna said...

LOVE your beautiful--and bountiful veggie harvest! Love the sparkling swimming pics...and the war photo makes me laugh, reliving my brothers' war phase. :) Fun week! Hope it's a good week, and hope your hubby's home SOON!