Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy 10th Isabella Faith!

I remember the ultrasound announcing another girl like it was yesterday. And while the news of another lady entering our family might have made Daddy's head spin, I just kind of knew always that you would be a girl.  My mom had a sister, I had a sister, certainly Marissa was destined for a sister too.  I had plans of shared bedrooms and matching outfits and best friends.  You were--you are--a dream come true.
You were born late in the afternoon after a full day of broken waters, pitocin, and back labor--the hardest of all five labors.  You had shockingly thick, black hair and we have since officially christened you "the hairiest" of all the babies.  Your petite 6 lbs 11 oz grew into a sweet little girl with kind of curly-hair and blueberry eyes.  A little girl who sucked her thumb like nothing I had ever seen and twirled her hair into awful knots.
And now you are ten.
 All slender and freckled with smooth blonde hair that dances at your waist.
Marissa's bestest friend.  Your loyalty to each other astounds and amazes me.
 Gentle, quiet, and bursting with creativity and yet there is a fierce competitiveness that runs deep and strong.  I love your little mommy heart.  I love that you're finding your own ways to shine. 
I've known ever since you were about 18 months and you kissed a pair of shoes at a store that you were "all girl."  And you are definitely our girly-girl--all dolls and pretty clothes and lip gloss and fear of spiders.
But what I pray for most as you get older is that your desire for a beautiful heart trumps everything else.  That you will know true happiness is found only in a relationship with Jesus and no "thing" out there will ever fill the longings of  a heart like He can.
Isabella you are a blessing and a joy to our family.  I cannot imagine life without you in it.
I can't believe we have had you for a full decade now.  Everyone tells you it goes so fast, and it does, the days slip through my fingers becoming weeks than months than years.
We hope your day is happy and sweet and all that you want it to be!
Love you, sweet girl.


Kathryn said...

When I saw on Facebook that it was Bella's birthday I knew I needed to get over to your blog so I could read your birthday tribute and have a good morning cry. Such a sweet thing for your kids to have these birthday messages from you. Have a *wonderful* birthday, Isabella and the double digits---it's this way from here on out. ;)

Kathryn said...

should say "and ENJOY the double digits" (Where is an edit button when you need one??)

Brooke said...

10! Whoa. Lovely letter, lovely girl. Happy Birthday Isabella!

Anna said...

Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful and sweet the pics, and love your motherly words of wisdom. :)