Monday, July 15, 2013

Girls' Room Sprucing-Up

It all began with Marissa's desk--I think I found it on craigslist 3 or 4 years ago and had intentions of painting it.  But first it sat in the basement when we lived in Lincoln, and once we got moved out here it got pressed into service immediately, first as a little computer desk for me and then around Christmas it moved into the girls' room.  Finally, a few weeks ago, I decided "ENOUGH" and determined to get it painted.  But of course, once you start painting stuff an avalanche of projects cuts loose.  While the girls' room remains basically what it was since moving in (see here for a revisit) we did some "fluffing."

The pennant bunting changed walls, making more sense centered over the window.
I painted the girls picture frames some fun colors, taking a cue from colors in their comforters.
I painted Marissa's desk a happy little coral color, added some apple green knobs (from Hobby Lobby), scavenged the basement for a shelf to spruce up and got her a bulletin board.  Also, that chair was an extra in the basement that got spray-painted white.
The shelf holds little blue Ball jars and neatly displays Marissa's art supplies.
And then to streamline colors--Isabella's desk (see the first makeover here and check out its original horribleness) also got painted coral and we changed out the knobs because the glass ones broke.  We hung some "art wires" (just some baker's twine nailed to the wall) where she can display all of her special papers, photos, artwork, etc.  This makes both of us happy.  Isabella is a "keeper" and consequently she ends up with piles of important stuff that may or may not drive me crazy and clutter up their room quickly. ;o)  With this set-up we both win.
The girls were excited about the little changes and we continue to happily navigate this "tween" stage of room decorating with thankfully no posters of boy heart throbs plastered to the walls. *shudder*  And the girls told me they were inspired to keep it cleaner now (which of course lasted all of two days . . .). ;o)


Judi said...

Love the new look....and the coral. I'll have to look for some fabric for a wall hanging!!

sarah j. said...

pretty! such a sweet room. :)

Kathryn said...

So very, very perfect for your sweet girlies! Love the blue mason jars, string to hold precious papers and the fun coral color paint.

Anna said...

*SQUEAL* --the coral! Stunning. Love the artsy jars and display wires, and the candy-colored frames. What an inspiring place for two sweet sisters. :)

Brooke said...

That coral color is fantastic. And I may be a tad in love with the blue jars. :-)