Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 26-June 1

 We were back in Lincoln for Memorial Day weekend and celebrated Josh's brother Dan's birthday with a Mexican fiesta.  What you might not know--my mother-in-law has an amazing collection of dishes to fit nearly every theme imaginable.  This evening's theme was delightfully western and we all got a kick out drinking our raspberry lemonade from glasses that were shaped like cowboy boots.
The boys, their daddy, and their grandpa took a little KC road trip to watch the Royals and Cardinals play.
They had such a wonderful time and both Grandpa and Daddy are excited to see the makings of new baseball fans.

 The tiniest little t-ball player.
  You have never seen a more excited boy when he actually makes it on base.
 First veggies from the garden--yay!!
Some cool afternoon clouds and subsequent rain showers.
 Silly kitten hanging out in my purse. {literally} ;o)
The girls' first swim meet, summed up in one word FREEZING!!!
We had to report to the pool at 8:00, it was in the 50's and so windy.  Thankfully the water was heated, but those in between times of waiting for the next race were brutal.  They were exhausted and starving (I did feed them, but all the shivering burns off a lot of extra calories!!) by the the time it was over at 2:00 (and then we left at 3:00 for Girls of Grace camp--such a crazy day!).


Anna said...

Oh this all looks like fun! The fiesta sounds 'delicioso' and the bball trip and swim meet sound great! Was sure fun to hang with you at camp and enjoy that cup of tea...hope you guys have a great week getting into the swing of things again. ;)

Kathryn said...

You still have a kitty?! That pictures gives whole new meaning to "Let the cat out of the bag." It doesn't surprise me one bit that Linda has cowboy boot glassware. She's amazing!!

Brooke said...

What a wonderful "guys" trip for all the boys, good Daddy! :-) And your radishes look stunning. Almost tempts me to eat a radish....ALMOST.