Monday, June 10, 2013

June 2-9

 Completely delightful view from the 4th grade cabin that first (early) camp morning looking out at the Tri-Valley Canal.
 What happens at camp stays at camp? 
The third and fourth graders partied with their glow sticks late into the night (well, not TOO late . . .). ;o)
 My sister and I and our girls (except, of course, Addi) and our matching shirts.  This is the only year all four of them would be at camp together.
 There is pretty much always a game of baseball going on somewhere.  And would you believe that Owen has managed to hit a few balls PITCHED to him??  For some reason that little guy has been my earliest to do things of the large motor variety.  I think it is because he is trying to keep up with the big kids, none-the-less I find it a kind of scary trait to have in your youngest male child . . .
Sweet Bella.

 My hubby plucked a water lily from a pond to bring home to me.
Romance at its finest folks. ;o)
Catching rain drops in the streets of Indianola during another swim meet filled Saturday.


Kathryn said...

Bella and those freckles.....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! The glow stick pic is pretty cool and what a great snap of you and your sister with your girlies!

Anna said...

Oh I'm LOVING your camp pictures, especially you two sisters with your daughters. And beautiful water lily (awww...), and LOL on batter-up Owen! Didn't know he was a leftie there. What cute that freckled beauty. I'm my intuition is right, you and Josh will be paying for a couple of weddings sooner than later, eh? ;)

sarah j. said...

looks like you guys are having a very fun and very busy summer. :) love the pic of Bella. so sweet.

Brooke said...

That view is beautiful! And I so love the pic of you and your sis- what a pack of girl fun. :-)