Friday, June 7, 2013

Camp Recap

 A cabin of cute little 4th graders.
The past two years I have been in Marissa's cabin, however this year, it was Isabella's cabin that needed me.     
It was fun to get to know the girls in Bella's grade better.
 The 6th graders did the 4th graders' hair.
 And nails.
Isabella and cousin Lexi enjoyed this . . . Marissa would not let any paint touch her hair, but she did let somebody paint her nails. ;o)
 Isabella and I and our yellow bandannas.
 A group of 6th graders and Bella.
 More 6th graders (Marissa seriously lived in that hat!) and Bella.
And more 6th graders and Bella.
Bella really likes the 6th graders in case you were wondering. ;o)
Camp is always fun--always exhausting--but I love getting a chance to mentor girls and hopefully plant little seeds in their hearts.  I never know what God will do with the things I say or the relationships I nurture, but how wonderful to think He might use *something* to grow the faith of a girl.  Having the opportunity to do that is such a blessing to me.


Brooke said...

Camp memories! Looks like a lot of fun (and a lot tiring... :-))

Anna said...

So much fun! I'm regretting not bringing my own camera...what a fun and fruitful time for the gals. So glad to catch up with you there!! :)