Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A little photo shoot--

I was in the mood for some picture taking Sunday evening and Marissa obliged me.  She recently got a new violin (a 3/4 size) and I've been wanting to get some pictures of her with it.  For the longest time she didn't exactly appreciate the fact she was being forced to learn an instrument.  But in the last year she has seriously grown to love playing the violin.  She practices often throughout the day (without my prodding--yay!!) and she is excited by the tone her new violin has.  All that being said, I wanted some pictures with her and her love. ;o)  We did a few pics at our house and then ventured out and found a wheat field and then did some dirt road exploration.  I found a cool old bridge after we were done that I'll have to go back and do some other pictures with.  I always am finding new interesting spots out here!

 And that's a wrap.
She sure is growing up on me . . . definitely bittersweet.  It is a joy to watch this beautiful young lady emerge but at the same time I am holding tight to these fleeting years we have left. *sniffle* 


sarah j. said...

such a beautiful girl! and i love her dress. so pretty and flattering on her! great job on the pictures

Anna said...

Beautiful, Janna! (Photography composition AND your pretty daught)--I especially love the zoomed out ones with her in the field, and that close-up of her fingers/arm on the violin. Very cool!

Kathryn said...

Simply lovely. How *do* they grow up so fast??