Monday, May 13, 2013

May 5-11

 Drawing--Marissa has been working at different landscapes scenes (this is a forest).
 Reading--I can only assume there is a gaping hole on a shelf at the Kearney library after Jackson brought these home.  I asked Jackson if he was reading these or just looking at the pictures.  He said mainly looking at the pictures, but he did read this word--"dork ball." (giggle giggle giggle)
Of course he did.
 Photographing--Isabella and the dolls have been out exploring looking for *just* the spots to take pictures (and make movies). ;o)
 Loving--our playful kittens are in their "kamikaze" stage.  It looks like we have now found homes for two of them--and this little fellow is going to be journeying to the Carolina's with the Johnson's come early July.  They nightly have this crazy hour where they stampede around the house, smacking into furniture, dangling off the piano, and other crazy kitten shenanigans.  It is pretty funny.
 Creating--Jackson's found my remaining secret stash of "bare books" and helped himself, creating a series.
Tornado Book 1
Tornado Book 2
Tornado Book 3
Tornado Book 4
The boys then got working, creating oodles of drawings of--you guessed it--tornadoes.
Snuggling--"Violet" has also found a home causing Emmett to declare his undying affection and ask me about 50 times a day to photograph them together.  She is heading to Lincoln in two weeks.


sarah j. said...

the pic of Marissa with the jars full of colored pencils reminded me of myself at that age. :) how wonderful that she is into drawing.

Anna said...

Love the forest, the kitty fun, and *oh my* on the bare book party. I had to laugh on the library picks...Andy would be very proud, since he also checked out the cartoon books for his heavy reading. ;)

Brooke said...

The girls are looking so grown up! Oh my. I love the Garfield stash, we used to wipe out the Calvin and Hobbes shelf. :-)