Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 19-25

 My little hug-a-bug.  Owen is definitely the most touchy-feely of all the kids and still loves to snuggle up.  Which is good because then I don't miss having a baby around quite so much . . . ;o)
Reading time with Rissy. 
 So, my mommy-heart was totally unprepared for the adorableness that is little boys in their baseball uniforms.  Jackson is just eating this experience up. Emmett . . .  well, let's just say if you run into my husband ask him to tell you the story about Emmett having to be carried off the field by his coach.  It's a good one and Josh tells it oh-so-much better. And everyone who hears it says, "Payback." ;o)
 A wee little car mechanic.
 Oil change assistance. Owen just loves to shadow everything Daddy does.
 Visiting my brother's orphaned calf "Wallace." (My dad accidentally sold the mama, so Louie took him in and bottle-fed him).  I love Isabella's quiet gentleness--she just has a way of approaching animals that keeps them calm.  And then there's Emmett . . . a stampeder he is!
Owen wants no part of me doing his hair.  He combs it flat down his forehead--it is quite the look!


Brooke said...

My goodness, there are a lot of manly things being accomplished at your house. :-) Love that picture of you and your snuggly baby!

Anna said...

I'm loving these pics, Janna! Your calm and gentle girls, your ever-active boys (I'm totally swooning over the baseball uniforms too--adorable!) And the hug-for-mama picture: sweetness!

Kathryn said...

*Love* the picture of you and Owen---you're a beauty!! And I'm thinking that picture of Isabella with the calf is frame worthy! Absolutely adore the beautiful simplicity of that one!

sarah j. said...

looks like your boys especially are busy about the house. love the pic of Marissa reading to them. :) so sweet!