Thursday, May 2, 2013

Laundry Room Makeover

Back in the day when Josh was selling water heaters and stuff at Sears we made our first washer and dryer purchase.  They are now thirteen years old.  They have moved with us umpteen times and quite frankly have seen A LOT of life.  Both were kind of limping along . . . the washer had only one cycle that worked (it got stuck in all the other cycles) and after a small electrical fire a few years ago it no longer would stop spinning when you opened the lid.  And the dryer took at least 60 minutes for a load of clothes (usually a bit more for jeans), and towels around an hour and a half (yes, even with cleaning out all the vents/hoses/lint traps).  So, when Josh had noticed a decent sale at Best Buy and suggested maybe we take advantage of it before our current appliances officially died I was game. ;o)  But of course, new appliances set forth a whole chain of events.  The purchase, finding a trailer to borrow, driving to Grand Island to pick them up, picking up wood to build a pedestal for them, removing cabinets in laundry area because the washer/dryer would be too tall, patching holes/sanding, painting laundry room, building pedestal, painting pedestal, installing new shelf . . . you get the picture. It was a long process. 

This WAS my laundry "room":
 It would probably be better described as a laundry "hallway." This picture is taken standing in the dining room, looking in the doorway.  The door straight ahead goes into our 2nd bathroom.  To the right is the stairs to the basement.
 And this is the laundry area now:

Um, yeah, easily my most favorite area in the house! ;o)
I love these machines!  I average two loads a day.  I can skip a day, which happened this week and then I had five to do the next day.  Needless to say, laundry is a constant.  And now my loads dry in 40 minutes, towels around 55 minutes.  It has REVOLUTIONIZED my day.  One morning I had done 3 loads before 9:30.  In the past it felt like the laundry was holding me hostage all day.  Laundry is suddenly fun! And the machines sing me these cool little ditties to let me know when they are finished! ;o)  I love the pedestal Josh built me.  We decided we were too cheap to spend $500 on drawers for the washer and dryer to sit on and instead followed these plans.  The washer and dryer sit about 6 inches higher than they would if they were on the drawers, and the space underneath is high enough to store laundry baskets, giving me a little sorting station that stays tucked away.  This little hall used to fill with laundry piles and baskets.  Things are staying tidy now and I LOVE that.  And in case you are wondering the pedestal is crazy sturdy.  The plans called for 3/4 inch mdf board and we used 3/4 inch particle board to cut costs a bit.  Josh still wonders if 1/2 inch would have been fine.

Anyway, I think laundry and I have officially made peace.  I can still be found gazing at my machines adoringly and dusting them daily . . . I'm wondering when this "puppy love" will wear off? ;o)


Kathryn said...

LOVE!!! It looks so cheery and welcoming--which is more than I can say about *my* laundry room! ;) The color you painted is darling and the fact that you can tuck away 3 laundry baskets is fantastic---I actually like that idea better than the expensive drawers anyway! HAVE FUN doing laundry. Here's hoping your little love affair will last a while. ;)

Anna said...

Eeeeeeeeeee!!! (That is me jumping up and down and clapping my hands in excitement for you.) YAY. It's all so pretty--love the fun new color on the walls--really sets off the stainless. And the pretty banner. And the laundry basket shelf. So glad you can have a fun and inspiring space to work in...I think it's a perfect blend of form & function. Lovely.

sarah j. said...

this has to be one of the cutest laundry room makeovers i've ever seen! not over the top, yet still incredibly adorable little space. very fun!