Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Boys . . .

 Fascinated with the washing of the clothes.
 Intrigued by the whipping of the cream.
 Intent on creating.
 Overjoyed with the computing of numbers.
 And muddy.
 So, so . . .
 . . . muddy.

Baffling, bewildering, barbaric, AND beautiful boys. ;o)


Anna said...

*LOVE* the hydrangea on the new blog header-so pretty. The boys' pictures are AWESOME...I especially love the muddy shots. And I love it that the mud is caked around his mouth. ;) Hmmm...

Kathryn said...

Nice perch, Jackson! LOL And Emmett's dark muddy eyebrows cracked me up

Brooke said...

Love these boyish shots, they certainly paint a picture. :-)