Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April 28-May 4

 Kitty cuddles.
 Kitty lessons--"How to jump off the couch."
 Jackson and Emmett begin T-ball.  And I'm thinking we throw on some clothes and go, but silly me, ONLY baseball hats, baseball shirts, and baseball pants could be worn.  What was I thinking? ;o)
After being a bit remiss on filling the bird feeder for the past few weeks we finally got around to it.  Word got out quickly.  At one point we counted 25 goldfinches hanging out!
 "Look mommy, a cat-in-a-hat!"
Ha ha ha. ;o)
 For what we lack in grass we more than make up for in this pretty weed.
Gearing up . . .


Kathryn said...

haha! Love the "cat in the hat" joke. Sure wish I could take one of those adorable little kitties!

Anna said...

Love these...your baseball boys are *SO CUTE* in their little uniforms...and the kitties. Fun week...and love that they have your names with your number on those tags. :)