Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I should be pulling up to drop off the girls at violin lessons in Kearney about right now, but due to the fact that there is talk of freezing rain, and "wintry mix" in the forecast I decided to stay home.  Partially for my sake, but more for my mom's sanity. ;o)  And seeing as I'm heading back to Lincoln on Thursday for the home school convention this weekend we will just make up the lesson then.

2.  We had a humdinger of a thunderstorm last night--wind, rain, thunder, lightning, and hail!  We even lost power for about half an hour during the middle of the night.  I checked our gauge this morning--2.7 inches of rain!! I won't vouch on its accuracy, but suffice to say, we got some rain!  (I'm thinking that might be more than we got all last summer . . .)

Emmett is bringing me things he catches again (thankfully mostly contained in buckets--that's at least an improvement).

4. Josh took the kids to the "Oz" movie last night.  They left around 6:30 and didn't return to shortly after 9:00.  I had a much needed date with the house . . . particularly the boys' room and going through all their drawers and the clothing in storage.  I got all the summer stuff switched just in time for it to be 25 degrees today. Phew. ;o)

5. I read this book last week:
It was recommended by a friend and I must say I loved it.  I started it last Thursday evening and then must confess to blowing off much of Friday reading it.  It is about an "academic" who comes to saving faith during her studies at Oxford.  While reading it I determined I would love to go study at Oxford.  And also, I think me and England and all their tea and shortbread would get along famously.  I may have informed Josh we should move there.

6. Marissa has been doing physical therapy for her hip.  There still remains a tiny bit of residual pain and so we're trying to not only strengthen the hip but also her entire core.  There are a lot of planks involved.  I keep telling her I should do the exercises with her as I'm certain my core would also benefit, but for some reason find it more enjoyable to count how long she much hold the form (and also let her know when she's slacking).  I'm glad she still loves me.

We were in Grand Island on Sunday and happened to find ourselves in the Goodwill there when suddenly this lovely chair beckoned me for $20.  Does it not have a fabulous shape?  Josh questioned me if I really needed this chair.  And I kept telling him it was such a good and solid chair we would be crazy to pass on it. So, he obliged me. ;o)  I think it would be an easy chair to try my hand at reupholstering . . . maybe I would paint the frame as well.  For now though, it is neutral enough that it doesn't bother me.  Later that evening I found a similar shaped chair on Ballard for $800 so Josh can clearly see what a STEAL it was. ;o)

8. Our four little kittens are doing well.  I haven't taken any pictures because they remain tucked way underneath my bed and I've wanted to discourage the kids from bothering them.  Their eyes are starting to open, and maybe one of these days I'll let the kids have their first cuddle session.  Now don't forget, come June I'll have some free kitties!  Let me know if you want one! (hint, hint)

9.  I've been enjoying poking around our yard seeing some perennials I started as seeds last year returning.  At this point I have four "cerise queen" yarrow and maybe six cone flowers that will be ready for transplanting.  There are also many volunteer sunflowers.  I have some delphinium seeds chilling in the fridge--they seem rather tricky to get started so we'll see if I can coax any plants from them.  I've got some grandiose gardening plans this year . . .

10.  There is a laundry area project in our future--can't wait to get started on it!  It involves a lovely new washer and dryer and some pretty "wythe blue" paint . . . I'm tingly with excitement. ;o)


sarah j. said...

i look forward to your chair make over. i really like the shape!

Mom said...

I was wondering when you might change your top picture for your blog....but with this crazy weather, it seems appropriate for now!! (That's nice you still listen to your Mom!) ;-) Love you!

Kathryn said...

The chair is fantastic and can't wait for a makeover--although, you're right that the neutral is just fine for now. Glad your kitties are doing well. Doesn't sounding cuddled up under a bed all day long sound nice sometimes? Well.....maybe *in* and not under. ;) And glad to see you enjoyed the book. I currently have it on hold at the library and am anxiously waiting my turn.

Brooke said...

So glad you enjoyed "Oxford" too, I need to re-read it with a pencil in hand for underlining.

I love your chair too! And if you want to borrow some upholstery tools just let me know, those are some of the easiest chairs to do.

Anna said...

Oh I love this sampling of your week! LOL at your moving to Oxford...and I agree, the chair is a 'must.' :) I'm so impressed at the capturer on your hands. And hope Marissa's hip improves...what a full and busy week at your place.