Friday, March 22, 2013

Miscellaneous Friday

Josh was excited for Ruben sandwiches on St. Patrick's Day.  I had completely forgotten to acquire some corned beef last year so the poor guy had to wait two whole years.
Recently finished this book:
It covers the dust bowl era, what led up to it, and what it was like to live through it--fascinating stuff.
Caught Isabella reading to Owen, snuggled up all cozy in his little bed. *precious*
Thought this quote by Condoleeza Rice so funny--
"I started playing piano when I was 3.  When I was 10 years old I declared that I wanted to quit.  My mom, who was a musician, said, 'You're not good enough or old enough to make that decision.' "
That's essentially what I've told my kids, but I love the utter bluntness of her mom.  I'm definitely tucking that away for future use. ;o)

 Josh had leaned over to read the newspaper.  Apparently that is boy code for "pile on."  Not the most flattering picture of my husband, but then again he was balancing three boys on his back. ;o)
We've got somewhere in the vicinity of five or six weeks left of schoolwork (give or take), a violin recital coming up the end of April, and Awana ending next week (we learned why our Awana program ends so early--many of the workers are farmers and need to get in the fields for planting).  Summer isn't too far away (if only spring would just be official about arrival!!). ;o)
A new chalkboard "hacking" (where I do my best to copy somebody else's better executed but fabulous idea). ;o) I REALLY love all things related to chalk art--so much fun!
The end.


Anna said...

Your chalk art is *SO* pretty! And that book sounds so interesting...I remember some details of the dust bowl from interviewing my "Bedstefar" (grandpa)...kind of amazing what those folks survived. Loved the sweet reading pic and the dogpile on Josh. :)

sarah j. said...

love the chalkboard art! so pretty! and the daddy pile makes me laugh, as Nick has to deal with that as well!