Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 3-9

Arrived home from our Lincoln visit to find this little guy (we think a Cooper's Hawk) sitting on the back stoop.  We went out to check him out and he hopped off the steps, but didn't fly away, so I got out the camera.  He must have been injured . . . the next morning our hawk friend had ummm, to put it delicately "bit the dust."
Check out the cat's tummy!  We are now for certain that kittens are in our imminent future.
And we are advertising free kittens. Anyone?? ;o)
As the little people get older they become more independent--like not needing help getting ready for bed.  Matching pajama tops and bottoms optional.
Wrestling.  Always.
Pretty evening sky.
Daddy in Lincoln.  Mommy tired.  Movie night it is.
We thought spring had arrived.  Glorious morning of 62 degrees.  I took the hydrangeas out to soak up the sunshine.  We started hoeing up the garden area.  The boys relished digging in the dirt. There was  frolicking and giddiness--and flip-flops!  Alas, it was not to be.  By mid-afternoon is was crazy windy and had dropped 20 degrees. (So thankful I did my run in the morning while it was still spring!!).  



Anna said...

Pile of boys wrestling = so cute! I have also been living in denial of the fact that winter is still very much present...sorry to hear about the poor little hawk. But looks like you will have other rodent eaters multiplying. ;)

Kathryn said...

Another great week. Nice to see the boys have that post hole digger back out ready to tunnel their way through to new lands. ha!

Brooke said...

Ahh, the brutal life lessons of a childhood spent in the country. :-) Can't tell you how many friendly creatures "bit the dust" when I was little. And I think Josh had better enjoy the days of being able to pin all of his boys, it won't be too long...

Natalie said...

What fun pictures. I'm sure the kids are excited about the kittens. How about you? ;)