Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 10-16

 "Spring ahead" resulting in sunshine filled evenings.
And an Owen who struggled to find it within himself to nap all week.
But we're working on that.  I will prevail.
Tulips coming up!
 Spring fever officially commences and I lug these home from the library.
 Several captions come to mind like:
"A boy's work is never done."
"Who needs a wood chipper when you have an Emmett and a hammer."
 I will forever adore every last one of those freckles.
 Happy birthday to Emmett who requested a homemade pizza night.
Admiring my biggest girl's head of golden locks.  She is growing up on me so fast.
Seriously, I have a young lady on my hands and I can only shake my head and wonder, "How did that happen?"


Kathryn said...

*Lovely* sunshiney picture with your little hydrangea plants growing in the windowsill---makes everything seem so clean and springy! And I can totally see why you're in love with Bella's freckles!!! SO CUTE!!

Anna said...

Love this Springy posting! I'm adoring the freckle-filled smile also. How much wood would a wood-chipper chip if a wood-chipper would chip wood? --Emmett knows the answer! ;)

sarah j. said...

so many great pictures! :) and yes, i too have a pile of gardening books sitting on my bookcase. it's just that time of year.

Natalie said...

Adorable kids!

Brooke said...

Gardening, yes! Freckles, double yes! ;-)