Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy 6th Emmett James!

I was thinking back this week 6 years ago, me 38 weeks pregnant, Daddy on business in California.  I remembered how I managed to lock myself out of the house.  And I remembered heaving my 38 week pregnant self down into the egress window to see if by chance it was unlocked.  And heaving myself back out again.  It was no wonder that Wednesday night sometime after 11 pm I felt a "pop" and thought, "Uh-oh." I remember that teeth-chattering, shaking rush of adrenaline, calling Daddy, quite certain my water had broke.  I called in the reinforcements, my parents to be my hospital escorts, Josh's parents to watch the other three kids.  And the next day, those "ides of March," shortly after 2:00 in the afternoon you made your appearance.  It's a good story.
And now you are six.
All 35.6 pounds of you.  Small and feisty.  But mostly my lovey-dovey-huggable little boy.
There is no such thing as a stranger in your book (as the recently hugged Kirby vacuum salesman will attest to).  You'll chat with anyone.  You're a bit lacking in a "filter."
You still are my little animal lover.  You tell me often that ___________ animal is "so adorable." Except you don't enunciate that "r" sound so well and it always sounds like "a-doooo-able."  You always emphasis with both of your hands just how "a-doooo-able."  And I love it.  
You are "a-doooo-able." ;o)
We toy with kindergarten.  You are reading a bit, but mostly for now, I let you be a boy.  You build with Legos, and Trio blocks.  You make a gazillion pictures of airplanes, most meeting their fateful ends in explosions.  Nothing quite makes your day like a fresh pack of markers.  You like to be outside--tromping through the wooded area, digging in the dirt--you know, doing those boy things that I don't always understand.
I love your happy face.  I love your giggle.
I love that you can make a good cup of tea.
I love that little sparkle ever-present in your eyes.
I am so happy there is a little Emmett in my life and I love you so much.
I pray for you always, may you be a man after God's own heart.
Happy birthday Emmett James!


Mom said...

Happy, special birthday Emmett! Glad I was there when you were born!

Kathryn said...

Happiest of happies to your six year old! *HOW* do they get big so fast?! I *love* that first picture of you 2 loving each other and pic #3 with the spikey blonde hair! Hope you all have a great day celebrating!

Anna said...

ppy birthday, little buddy! These are sweet pictures--and even sweeter words about your precious little guy. Hope his day was extra special! :)