Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 24-March 2

I know, yet ANOTHER picture of my kids playing Legos together, but let's face it, when do you see five kids playing together so happily!  It's noteworthy, right? This time it is a Lord of the Rings forest set-up (of their own imaginings, not a kit).  What cracked me up is they were playing the theme music in the background and then acting out stories to fit the music.  We're going on two months strong with LOTR Lego ideas!
Monday morning and Knight/Cowboy Owen is ready to go.  Jackson took a little break from schoolwork to shoot him with dart bullets, which Owen played up--falling to the floor in quite the dramatic fashion.  Later in the day he streaked across my dining room table wearing only a towel as a cape and leapt through the air displaying his mad-flying skills.  Amazingly he has not broken anything yet . . .  Every day we see more and more that Owen is "all Josh's."  You can start praying for me now. ;o)
 What the native Americans called the "Full Snow Moon"--quite fitting this year.
This Doane college catalog was laying around our house for a full two days before Marissa noticed, "Isn't that Daddy on the cover?"  And sure enough, it was!  We all had a good laugh because somehow Josh always ends up getting interviewed for something on the news or photographed or a clip of him used . . . very strange!
In Lincoln for the weekend, boys living up the bubble bath at Grandpa and Grandma's house.
We spent the morning visiting my sister.  As if my kids don't already want to move in with their cousins, now they have these four "plasma cars."  Their new home has lots of wood floors and wide open spaces and she lets them ride the cars in the house.  What a riot!  I may have taken a turn myself . . .
And a visit to my parents' home.  My mom finished my little quilt!  LOVE it!!
It is so bright and happy--just what I need to look at as I'm itching for spring to kick-off.
Thanks Mommy!! ;o)


sarah j. said...

the quilt is so pretty! and the plasma cars look like fun. great way to burn energy in the winter!

Kathryn said...

I recognize the costume in pic #2--glad to see the armor and boots are still getting lots of little boy lovin and action!! ;) LOVE that moon picture and your mom did a great job on your quilt....such fun colors.

Kathryn said...

....and looks like Grandma might have a baby quilt in the works for that new little grandson?

Anna said...

WOW! Love the quilt...and the fluffy bubble bath--the GORGEOUS snow moon. AND LOL on Josh's knack for fame. :) Maybe Owen will show such charisma when he's older? ;)

Judi said...

That's too funny how Josh is on the cover!! Glad you like the quilt. (And yes, Kathy, "Bungle Jungle" is for Blake! I have a lot of catching up to do!)