Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 17-23

The ladies and I wearing our green (and all in denim skirts and brown boots as well!). ;o)
Admiring the pretty shades of blue in the sky.
When Owen isn't singing "The 12 Days of Christmas" or "Deck the Halls" (or a mixture of the two) he is blasting out the bridge from Colton Dixon's "You Are."  (If I had no voice, if I had no tongue . . .) He repeatedly asks to view it on youtube.  It is absolutely his very favorite song right now.
 We received a letter addressed to "Sky the Cat" from my niece Lexi, who joins in my girls' excitement of the impending arrival of kittens. I interrupted one of Sky's 39 naps to show her she had gotten some mail.  Overall, she doesn't look too enthused.
 You know sometimes, I look back at pictures of my girls when they were itty bitty things and miss those days so much.  And sometimes I get back from a five mile run and discover they made cupcakes, and I think, "Score!"  This stage of life is pretty awesome too. ;o)
And while we are on the topic of running, yay for the arrival of snazzy new sneakers!  I got the same "model" I had last year, but new colors.  And I found them on Amazon for a whole lot cheaper.  When I tried them on for the first time I was initially concerned, thinking these weren't the right shoe. However, I didn't realize how much I had broken down the cushioning on the last ones.  All that cushioning will be quite welcome as I head into the longer runs.  That half-marathon is kind of sneaking up on me . . .
What we woke up to Saturday morning.  I hadn't paid any attention to the weather, and to say I was surprised would be a bit of an understatement.  I was all set to break those new shoes in on an 8-miler.  But alas that didn't happen.  I'm kind of over the whole "running in the elements."  Just give me a nice day in the 50's or 60's and I'll be quite happy. ;o)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Miscellaneous Friday

Josh was excited for Ruben sandwiches on St. Patrick's Day.  I had completely forgotten to acquire some corned beef last year so the poor guy had to wait two whole years.
Recently finished this book:
It covers the dust bowl era, what led up to it, and what it was like to live through it--fascinating stuff.
Caught Isabella reading to Owen, snuggled up all cozy in his little bed. *precious*
Thought this quote by Condoleeza Rice so funny--
"I started playing piano when I was 3.  When I was 10 years old I declared that I wanted to quit.  My mom, who was a musician, said, 'You're not good enough or old enough to make that decision.' "
That's essentially what I've told my kids, but I love the utter bluntness of her mom.  I'm definitely tucking that away for future use. ;o)

 Josh had leaned over to read the newspaper.  Apparently that is boy code for "pile on."  Not the most flattering picture of my husband, but then again he was balancing three boys on his back. ;o)
We've got somewhere in the vicinity of five or six weeks left of schoolwork (give or take), a violin recital coming up the end of April, and Awana ending next week (we learned why our Awana program ends so early--many of the workers are farmers and need to get in the fields for planting).  Summer isn't too far away (if only spring would just be official about arrival!!). ;o)
A new chalkboard "hacking" (where I do my best to copy somebody else's better executed but fabulous idea). ;o) I REALLY love all things related to chalk art--so much fun!
The end.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 10-16

 "Spring ahead" resulting in sunshine filled evenings.
And an Owen who struggled to find it within himself to nap all week.
But we're working on that.  I will prevail.
Tulips coming up!
 Spring fever officially commences and I lug these home from the library.
 Several captions come to mind like:
"A boy's work is never done."
"Who needs a wood chipper when you have an Emmett and a hammer."
 I will forever adore every last one of those freckles.
 Happy birthday to Emmett who requested a homemade pizza night.
Admiring my biggest girl's head of golden locks.  She is growing up on me so fast.
Seriously, I have a young lady on my hands and I can only shake my head and wonder, "How did that happen?"

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy 6th Emmett James!

I was thinking back this week 6 years ago, me 38 weeks pregnant, Daddy on business in California.  I remembered how I managed to lock myself out of the house.  And I remembered heaving my 38 week pregnant self down into the egress window to see if by chance it was unlocked.  And heaving myself back out again.  It was no wonder that Wednesday night sometime after 11 pm I felt a "pop" and thought, "Uh-oh." I remember that teeth-chattering, shaking rush of adrenaline, calling Daddy, quite certain my water had broke.  I called in the reinforcements, my parents to be my hospital escorts, Josh's parents to watch the other three kids.  And the next day, those "ides of March," shortly after 2:00 in the afternoon you made your appearance.  It's a good story.
And now you are six.
All 35.6 pounds of you.  Small and feisty.  But mostly my lovey-dovey-huggable little boy.
There is no such thing as a stranger in your book (as the recently hugged Kirby vacuum salesman will attest to).  You'll chat with anyone.  You're a bit lacking in a "filter."
You still are my little animal lover.  You tell me often that ___________ animal is "so adorable." Except you don't enunciate that "r" sound so well and it always sounds like "a-doooo-able."  You always emphasis with both of your hands just how "a-doooo-able."  And I love it.  
You are "a-doooo-able." ;o)
We toy with kindergarten.  You are reading a bit, but mostly for now, I let you be a boy.  You build with Legos, and Trio blocks.  You make a gazillion pictures of airplanes, most meeting their fateful ends in explosions.  Nothing quite makes your day like a fresh pack of markers.  You like to be outside--tromping through the wooded area, digging in the dirt--you know, doing those boy things that I don't always understand.
I love your happy face.  I love your giggle.
I love that you can make a good cup of tea.
I love that little sparkle ever-present in your eyes.
I am so happy there is a little Emmett in my life and I love you so much.
I pray for you always, may you be a man after God's own heart.
Happy birthday Emmett James!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 3-9

Arrived home from our Lincoln visit to find this little guy (we think a Cooper's Hawk) sitting on the back stoop.  We went out to check him out and he hopped off the steps, but didn't fly away, so I got out the camera.  He must have been injured . . . the next morning our hawk friend had ummm, to put it delicately "bit the dust."
Check out the cat's tummy!  We are now for certain that kittens are in our imminent future.
And we are advertising free kittens. Anyone?? ;o)
As the little people get older they become more independent--like not needing help getting ready for bed.  Matching pajama tops and bottoms optional.
Wrestling.  Always.
Pretty evening sky.
Daddy in Lincoln.  Mommy tired.  Movie night it is.
We thought spring had arrived.  Glorious morning of 62 degrees.  I took the hydrangeas out to soak up the sunshine.  We started hoeing up the garden area.  The boys relished digging in the dirt. There was  frolicking and giddiness--and flip-flops!  Alas, it was not to be.  By mid-afternoon is was crazy windy and had dropped 20 degrees. (So thankful I did my run in the morning while it was still spring!!).  


Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 24-March 2

I know, yet ANOTHER picture of my kids playing Legos together, but let's face it, when do you see five kids playing together so happily!  It's noteworthy, right? This time it is a Lord of the Rings forest set-up (of their own imaginings, not a kit).  What cracked me up is they were playing the theme music in the background and then acting out stories to fit the music.  We're going on two months strong with LOTR Lego ideas!
Monday morning and Knight/Cowboy Owen is ready to go.  Jackson took a little break from schoolwork to shoot him with dart bullets, which Owen played up--falling to the floor in quite the dramatic fashion.  Later in the day he streaked across my dining room table wearing only a towel as a cape and leapt through the air displaying his mad-flying skills.  Amazingly he has not broken anything yet . . .  Every day we see more and more that Owen is "all Josh's."  You can start praying for me now. ;o)
 What the native Americans called the "Full Snow Moon"--quite fitting this year.
This Doane college catalog was laying around our house for a full two days before Marissa noticed, "Isn't that Daddy on the cover?"  And sure enough, it was!  We all had a good laugh because somehow Josh always ends up getting interviewed for something on the news or photographed or a clip of him used . . . very strange!
In Lincoln for the weekend, boys living up the bubble bath at Grandpa and Grandma's house.
We spent the morning visiting my sister.  As if my kids don't already want to move in with their cousins, now they have these four "plasma cars."  Their new home has lots of wood floors and wide open spaces and she lets them ride the cars in the house.  What a riot!  I may have taken a turn myself . . .
And a visit to my parents' home.  My mom finished my little quilt!  LOVE it!!
It is so bright and happy--just what I need to look at as I'm itching for spring to kick-off.
Thanks Mommy!! ;o)