Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 27-February 2

After a lovely weekend with Grandpa and Grandma it was time to wish them a safe trip back home.
Little boys happily wrestling each other, sitting on each other, and just genuinely enjoying each other's company.
Jackson's "station" each evening is the main bathroom.  His job entails taking laundry to the laundry room, closing the shower curtain, putting stuff on the counter away, and taking a Clorox wipe to the counter, sink, toilet seat, etc.  Sometimes he cleans the mirror.  All in all, he has a routine and does a decent job for a seven year old boy.  On this night I came across the bathroom door shut and this sign laying on the carpet in front of the door.  Upon peeking inside I discovered he had kicked it up a notch and decided to scrub the floor as well. It would seem he used a lot of water, so the sign was definitely needed. I had to go in with a large bath towel to hurry the drying process along a bit. ;o)
Words that nudge my heart-rate towards arrhythmia, "Mommy I'm all done painting!"  Said by the three year old emerging from the basement in his jammies with blackened hands.  Turns out while I was attending to math lessons and other school-ish stuff Owen had gone downstairs to have a crafty morning.  He got out some acrylics, a sponge brush, and found a gift sack to make extra pretty. He may have gotten a few drops on the cement floor. 
Back in Lincoln for another doctor appointment for Marissa--snapped a quick picture of Emmett enthralled with Grandma's egg cooker (and also her pepper grinder, which is not pictured--he loved the pepper grinder so much he has been asking for one for his birthday!).
Sun fading on the first day of February, me reflecting on answered prayers for Marissa.
While I dutifully keep a prayer journal and while I have seen God's "yes" answers many times, sometimes I admit it, I doubt the "yes" answers are for me.  Sometimes I think that my lot in life is to take the disappointments, entrust them to God, and know that is His best for me.  Sometimes I think it is all the other people who get the "yeses."  I cannot really put into words how encouraged I was to have what started out as all these much more serious things for Marissa be reduced to what appears to be a passing infection of some sort (transient synovitis if you are curious).  I know she was so covered in prayer by so many people, and my mommy heart is so happy and grateful. 
We left Lincoln in the morning to reach our snowless and warmer Aprahoe home. (yeah, I might be rubbing it in a bit) ;o) That groundhog must've come through because it definitely felt like spring (and if the scent of manure in the air was any indication, it smelt like the springs of my younger years as well). ;o)  I got in a 4-mile run on the school track while the kids played at the playground,  piddled around doing "house things" after two days gone, and then managed to fall asleep on the couch at 8:00 pm--something I NEVER do!  Maybe it was all the fresh air (well, I suppose that depends if you think living downwind of a feed lot is "fresh"). ;o)


Brooke said...

I am going to steal Jackson's "station" list, I think Luca needs a station! I love that he took the time to write a sign. :-) And thank goodness Owen did his Jackson Pollock impression on a cement floor and not a carpeted one.

SO, SO, SOOOOO glad that Marissa's diagnosis is a good one!

sarah j. said...

praising God with you about Marissa! and i love how Emmett is asking for a pepper mill. so funny! of course, it kinda makes sense that a little boys is requesting an object that can grind something into powder. ;)

Kathryn said...

My heart is singing with praise for your "YES" answer!!! :) And what *is* it about little boys and wrestling.....just like little wolf cubs. I have yet to understand this phenomena.

Anna said...

AH! --the painting! It will be a nice memory 'cemented' into history. And hooray for 'fresh air' consumed and outdoor time enjoyed by all. I am praising the Lord too for Marissa's 'yes' answer to prayer. What a blessing! :) Looks like a good week...especially having visitors, how fun! :)