Monday, February 4, 2013

Hydrangea Update

I'm sure everybody out there has been wondering "Just how are Janna's hydrangea cuttings surviving the winter?"  And I thought, for those of you curious, I would give a little update. ;o)
They are still alive!
If you recall, I took these cuttings from my mother-in-law's "Endless Summer" hydrangea.  I stripped four leaves off the bottom to leave me with two sets of leaf nodes, dipped the stems in powdered rooting hormone, and then planted them in little containers with potting soil.  I watered them and tented them (I think I used some large cellophane treat sacks from Hobby Lobby and rubber bands).  This created a little mini-greenhouse environment for each of them, and honestly I didn't water them the whole time they were tented.  I can't remember how long it took them to grow roots--maybe around a month?  They flourished under their little tents!  I debated planting them outside last fall, but I worried they wouldn't have had enough time to develop a good enough root system to see them through the winter.  Instead I kept them inside at a west-facing window and have watered them about once a week.  I don't think they are getting quite the amount of sun they need (we have a large over-hang on the house, plus the reduced daylight hours of winter), but my mother-in-law assured me they are looking good for plants going through the winter inside.  They even have some new growth!
I'm excited to plant them come spring, and you can bet I'll be starting the process again with new clippings (because can one have too many hydrangeas--I think not!). All my research (or in layman's terms "googling") recommends starting clippings at the beginning of the growing season so you can get them planted and established before fall/winter hits.  If you are hydrangea lover like me, I just wanted to pass on that this little gardening experiment seems to be working! (And seeing as these bushes average $15-$20 you can save a bundle of money if you start them yourself!)


Mom'in'law said...

Janna, I'm impressed! The new growth is tremendous, especially at this time of year. You're on your way.

Kathryn said...

Just yesterday I thought, "Just how are Janna's hydrangea cuttings surviving the winter?" ;) Hope they continue to grow and find a spot to thrive in the spring--which is coming sometime *soon*, right?

sarah j. said...

actually, i was wondering when i saw some plants in your Jan 13th picture. they look fabulous! you've given me the courage to try it (i have a neighbor who offered me a clipping last year, but i was to intimidated to try). :)

Anna said...

HOORAY for those little pretties flourishing...I always stop and admire hydrangeas, then walk away when I see the price. I'll have to be keeping this trick in mind!