Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 17-23

Girls up in the trees . . . very high . . .
"Take your tractor to school day" 
This happened last year, and I asked Josh, "Why didn't you tell me so I could get a picture of it??!"
This year he remembered.  What I didn't realize is that the high school boys would parade up and down the street next to the school with cabs full of preschoolers, giving them rides.  It was pretty adorable.
The boys landed on a stellar idea for picking up Legos--load up the dump truck and then drive it over to the Lego container and empty out the contents.  Since they were so excited about their plan I didn't have the heart to tell them that it would actually take them longer.  In the end all that matters is the living room floor isn't a hazardous place for bare feet.
"Winter Storm Q" begins.  Our snow started around 10:30 Wednesday morning.  They dismissed school at 2:00 (instead of the usual 3:40) and cancelled for the next day.  By evening we had 3-4 inches.
The next morning Josh did the first dig-out.  I estimate we had around 8-10 inches at this point and then it continued snowing the rest of the day.  The cancelled school for Friday.
Friday morning--the return of the sun!  We ended up in the vicinity of a foot of snow, the most we've seen since moving out here.  There was more snow blowing followed by a morning AND afternoon round of snow play.

The joy of living on a dead-end street--the tractor comes through and makes a big pile for you!  The kids sledded down their mini-hill and then did some tunneling (because they are part prairie dog I think . . . remember the holes in my yard last summer??!).  




Anna said...

Take your tractor to school day--SO COOL! :) The tree climbing is impressive...and wow you guys got quite a bit more snow than us. Love the post-blizzard cheery sunshine. :) Have a great weekend!

sarah j. said...

great thinking on the boys part to use the dump truck! even if it takes longer, it sure is more fun. ;)

Kathryn said...

Today seems like one of those days that would be *glorious* to be 10 all over again and climb trees.....high.....and play in snow drifts. Wonderful memories!