Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 6-12

A sneak peak at my first official knitting project--a baby blanket for the impending nephew (due the 18th).  I'm on a schedule now people--eight rows a day must be completed!  (and as the week progressed I finished that green stripe and now I'm back at the melon . . . but I didn't stick to my schedule this weekend . . .now I really have to buckle down!).
At LAST my birthday present coat from October arrived!  It was one of those "very jane" deals--a mustard colored pea coat (with adorable little polka dot scarf!) for $35.  Josh alerted his parents to the fact it would be a great b-day present for me.  However, the company bit off a bit more than they could chew and sold way too many coats.  Hence the reason I did not get it until January--but hey, there's still a lot of winter left.  I am so making up for lost time. ;o)
A very tired little boy cuddling up with me for our bedtime routine of prayers/lullaby.
Jamming out with his birthday guitar in a laundry basket.
A three hour drive with five kids down highway 6, a visit with my parents, a 40 minute drive to Josh's parents house, and this is the only picture I have for you--my new reading material that I lugged with me.  Marissa and I are going to be doing the "Changed in His Image" study.  I'm just through the first chapter but I can tell it's going to be a convicting book.  And I'm enjoying the "Large Family Logistics" as well--lots of good solid common sense advice (and you don't need a large family to glean from it!).
A long day of doctor's appointments for Marissa--we still don't have the answers we need (but the specialist declared no scoliosis!).  However, some comic relief in our day--Grandpa's order of eucalyptus oil arriving--in a keg.  Grandma and I laughed and laughed because we are certain there is enough in there to last him the rest of his lifetime and then some.  Somebody will probably get it willed to them. ;o)
We met up with my sister, brother-in-law and their gang for some State Capitol fun.  This is the best pic I managed of all the crazy little cousins who love each other bunches.  Amazing fact from our day--we managed to fit nine children, three adults, and one umbrella stroller on the tiny coffin-like elevators (you know the ones I'm talking about!).  Ty wasn't really digging it but at our urging he joined in.  No elevators plummeted in this experiment.  But oh the look on a random guy's face when the elevator doors opened and we emptied the elevator one-by-one.


Kathryn said...

I *cannot* believe you all got in that elevator! Just be glad it didn't get stuck--my biggest fear every time I step into that thing! LOVE your blanket and the fun colors that you chose.

sarah j. said...

beautiful new coat! have fun wearing such a pretty thing!
and the colors of that baby blanket are so nice.

Anna said...

Ha! I'm laughing at the elevator story. :) And the cousin picture is SO GREAT, all lined looked pretty in your pretty coat yesterday. I LOVED the Large Family Logistics book also--enjoy your knitting (lovely!)

Brooke said...

Lovely coat! This is Nebraska, there is surely plenty of winter left. ;-) So crazy, I just put "Large Family Logistics" on my to-read list, it's coming highly recommended!