Saturday, January 19, 2013

Freezing Fog

I had a few more favorites to share from the first day of the year (and I'm just now remembering them). ;o)  This week has been most definitely a melting week--we still have some snowy patches here and there, but for the most part we just have mud and puddles.  Dare I say it's felt rather spring-ish and my thoughts have turned to seeds and gardening? Jackson managed to fall in a huge mud puddle yesterday, thoroughly coating himself, getting a boot stuck . . . so I have some major clean-up to attend to today.  I doubt winter is over, but I'd be okay with that--it snowed, we played, we went sledding, we built a snowman, I got some pictures--all the major stuff has been checked off the "winter bucket list." ;o)
(enjoyed the patterns)
(liked the gleaming white against the bright blue)
(looked like feathers)
(this one made me think of a coral reef)


sarah j. said...

those are beautiful pictures! thanks for sharing them so we could enjoy them as well. :)

Anna said...

Janna, these are breathtaking! I love them all...beautiful colors & composition. And I liked your 'Lance' posting too. Praying for you guys, deary! :)

Brooke said...

So beautiful! (I have some camera envy here.) I love the way you see the big picture and the details...