Sunday, January 6, 2013

December 30-January 5

 Josh began sneaking the cat in each night to watch tv with him.  Here she is utterly enthralled with The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
 Our New Year's Eve "junk food night" followed by learning how to play Risk.  I love all the "thinkers" in this picture.
(And at this point I must interrupt myself  to draw all of your attention to the fact I officially managed to take a photo every day this year!!  My goal wasn't to create fabulous works of art, but to pay attention to the little details that make up our days.  Mission accomplished and I'm going to do it again . . .).
 Great way to start a new year--freezing fog!  A gorgeous wonderland awaited us outside.
Making a snowman--I have no idea where they found that interesting shaped block of ice to be the snowman's hat.
Because running a half-marathon is so very similar to labor, all I really remembered about that day was how fun it was, and signed up again.  And then my friend Kathy sent me our new training schedule, and now it hangs on the fridge, taunting me daily.  I haven't started it yet, currently I'm training to begin the training . . .
When you have no treadmill.
Each day I watch the thermometer, hoping it clears about 27 or 28 degrees (although obviously, the warmer the better).  I bundle up and trudge/shuffle down snow-covered gravel roads.  The change of scenery is nice (I don't think I've ever run in snow before!) but I must admit, it is not my favorite way to run.  I think I'd much rather spend this time sitting on the couch, reading a book, and sipping tea.
Marissa got new glasses--I'm digging them!


Mike and Kirsten said...

Good for you on running the half again! You're so right that you have to train to start your training. haha.

Mom said...

Love the new glasses for Rissy.

Kathryn said...

I must say I am *QUITE* impressed with your daily pictures from 2012. I know you said your goal wasn't great, artsy photographs, but you achieved that in so many cases anyway! :) I loved following along with your crew's adventures from week to week.....glad you're going to continue!

I like Owen's spot for the Risk game....when all the chairs are taken, improvise! Kitty looks quite lovely on the red chair--I see a house cat in your future.

Anna said...

Marissa is so pretty in her glasses! I *LOVE* the frozen fog picture, and the pretty cat on the red chair. Way to go with the running! You should get some of those ice-cleats that fit on over tennies...or just home the sun comes out to melt the snow! :)

Brooke said...

"Training to train for a half marathon" is exactly where I'' stuck. :-) So inspired by your picture every day of the year. What a wonderful way to catch the little things.