Monday, December 31, 2012

The Celebrating

-the 22nd--
My mom's Swedish tomte--every year it makes me happy to see her collection out (her dad was born in Sweden).  Growing up our Christmases always had a lot of Swedish decor mixed in.
Girls awaiting the gifts
Addi finding the chocolate
-the 24th-
Owen's pile
Christmas Eve jam session with the big cousins--who knew Marissa could improvise harmonies on the spot to songs she did not know??!?  She had so much fun!
-the 25th-
a little pre-present coloring in matching jammies
and more Legos
a sweet hug
cinnamon rolls for breakfast (last time I mix those babies by hand!!) ;o)
my mother-in-law's Christmas Day table
(a small glimpse of what we were up to on our Christmas vacation)



Mom said...

Love all those pictures!! Love all the kids!! So glad you have your mixer!! (Next year, a sewing machine! haha..don't tell Josh yet!) Love Linda's tables...she always amazes me.

Kathryn said...

As if Addi needed any more help to be adorable and kissable.....the chocolate covered face just takes it up a notch! What a sweet pic of you getting a hug from your boy and very cool that Marissa could join in on the music making. I like your mom's collection, too.....I've never heard of those.

Anna said...

Fun pics...and yay for your Kitchen Aid! Looks like a great time with fam.