Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 25-December 1

***DeCk tHe HaLLs***
We've always gotten a live tree.  Back in our first few years of marriage we were cool and went to a tree farm where they gave us free hot cocoa.  It was a lovely experience.  For the last five . . . six . . . ten years . . . (I really don't remember when the tree farm outing died) we've gone to Menards.  I have a fondness for fir trees (they were like $10 a foot at the tree farm!), and at Menards I can get a lovely Fraser Fir for around $30.  Now, it was already wrapped up, so it's kind of like "Russian Roulette Tree Hunting."  I picked the biggest looking tree bundle and Josh tied that baby on top of the van tight for the hour ride home from Kearney.
But as you can see it is a lovely tree--actually it might be one of the best we've ever gotten (so don't knock the Menards experience!). ;o)  Josh took the kids to the movie theater on this evening and I enjoyed a quiet house and the beginning of tree decorating . . . lights, burlap ribbon, a few balls.  The rest was saved for the kids and I to do together the next day. Nothing says cozy like a tree-lit living room!
The boys were delighted to acquire their very own little tree in their bedroom this year.  They made quick work of decorating it and have enjoyed the happy glow in their room every night.
Home alone with Owen while the kids were at Awana . . . decided I needed a picture of a little boy in footie jammies in front of the tree.  He was happy to oblige.
With wrestling season fully under-way the evenings have gotten long (and dark).  I was happy to see my big boys in their jammies quietly playing chess.  Emmett isn't too skilled yet, but it works for Jackson since he is always getting beat by older sisters. ;o) Confession: I haven't a clue how to play chess and have absolutely no desire to learn--but it makes me happy that my kids like it.
I put the finishing touches on a new little advent countdown for the kids using some brown craft envelopes from Hobby Lobby and my recently acquired collection of Christmas washi tape (love that stuff!).  We're doing our traditional "make a memory countdown."  I'm trying to mix it up a bit with a weekly theme. 
Hanging lights on the house!  We didn't put any up last year, but we're on top of it this year (quite literally . . . Josh and the oldest four spent a good hour on the roof). ;o)  Best part?  The oldest three walking the "ridge pole" in a straight line saying, "Look, we're just like Anne!"  Totally warmed this Anne-with-an-E-lover's heart. ;o)


Natalie said...

Your tree is beautiful! I love seeing your daily pics and I'm still super impressed that you have almost made it to the end of the year and kept up with a daily pic! I always love the idea of that, but by Jan. 3rd I'm already behind and give up. lol

Anna said...

Ha! Love the 'on top of it' shot. :) Looks like fun! Your Christmas decor is so beautiful done...I especially love the signs. Hope it's a cozy & warm Advent season for you all! *hugs*

Brooke said...

Oh how I love your "Oh Holy Night" art above the piano! So pretty. And thank you Jackson and Emmet for making me feel quite simple. Joe has tried to teach me chess several times and I just don't get it. ;-)

Kathryn said...

GAH! I LOVE your sign above the piano!!!!!! Did you just make that?? It's PERFECT! LOVE LOVE, LOVE it! And your real tree, in the galvanized bucket, with burlap and lights makes me hate my fakey tree. :)

And I laughed at the "walk the ridgepole" story. Just glad none of your little people took a tumble like our Anne-girl. :)

sarah j. said...

love the tree! and $30 totally makes me want to check them out. but alas, around my hubs, Menards is a four letter word. ;)
and i love the art over the piano. so pretty.