Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy 3rd Owen!!!

 I know people always joke about how awful it is to have a birthday right by Christmas . . . there is that possibility of getting slighted on the present front I guess.  But from my perspective as the Mommy of an almost-Christmas-baby, my Christmas has been extra special ever since you arrived.
When I think of Mary and traveling and being heavy with child, I remember that December I eagerly awaited you.  I love that my last and freshest memories of birth coincide with a time we are thinking of another miraculous birth.  I love that verse about Mary pondering in her heart, because I remember those early morning hours after your birth when I should have been sleeping but couldn't--I was just filled with joy.  I couldn't believe that God had blessed me with five healthy babies. How incredibly special it was to bring home a tiny baby brother--the perfect gift for four older siblings who loved you to pieces.  Those memories are forever treasures to me.
It's hard to believe we're three years past that. 
My "baby" isn't so much a baby anymore.
You're a big boy on a constant quest for new things to do and learn.
There isn't much that slips past you.
You are a happy-go-lucky-free-spirited little fellow with a keen eye for observing.
I love that you sing "Jingle Bells" and "Joy to the World" on nearly every grocery shopping trip.
I love that you have two volumes--loud and very loud.
I love that you are convinced every single "O" you see is for Owen.
I love that you are particular and have a certain way you want things done (even though it sometimes makes me crazy . . .)
I love that you are a helper-boy and always want to assist in some way.
I love your imagination and how a piece of wood can become a guitar jam session.
I love when you talk to your "Little People."
I love being your mommy.
I love that you still cuddle and snuggle and need to be held.
It helps this mommy's heart and she learns to let go of baby years and face forward to watching all of her little people get bigger and bigger.
But Daddy keeps saying you are the perfect finale--you were just meant to be the youngest.
And I have to agree, you do "fifth of five" well.
Happy birthday Owen--we are so happy to celebrate you today!
And we pray that the stories you are learning right now--of angels, and Joseph, and Mary, and a special baby being born--are taking root in your heart.  I pray you grow up to be man with a heart for Him.  Love you bunches littlest man!


Kathryn said...

Tears. Your birthday post got me again. Happiest of happies to your little Owen! Hope he has a *wonderful* day!! (that baby pic. by the stocking is *so* cute!)

Brooke said...

He can't be three already...he can't be. And I second Kathy. :-)

Anna said...

What a sweet, handsome and precious boy--happy birthday, Owen!!