Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 9-15

Theme for the week--
Comfort and Joy!!!
(you can decide for yourself how to apply said theme, like you know, the "joy of painting") ;o) 
Poinsettia Sponge Paintings--idea found here.
Emmett bucked the style and added stems and a rather rotund hummingbird.
Created some homemade Christmas cards to mail to Great-Granny out in Massachusetts.
It was "Kearney Day" and it just so happens we've become acquainted with a mama who had some premature twins this summer (and lives in Kearney).  We made a special delivery for her--some frozen meals and baked goods.  A picture of the kids with the babies would have been cute, but I don't know her well enough to haul my big camera into her house and ask if I can take pictures of her babies to put on my blog.  So this picture will have to suffice--heading up to the house to drop off the goods. I worried a bit how a "service project" would go over, but the kids really enjoyed it.  Even Jackson (who expects every day to be a "gingerbread house making kind of day" was okay with it. ;o)
Pompom Ball Ornaments--idea found here
Note to self--four bags of sparkly pompoms will not cut it, you probably need six to complete five ornaments.  Hence the reason the kids looks less-than-thrilled with the finished product.  (This will be remedied upon the next trip to Kearney). ;o)
Nativity Silhouette Paintings--idea found here.
They all turned out so pretty (even the kids who didn't really get the whole blending idea).
We've hung all our finished artwork in the laundry room this year--definitely a bright and cheerful place to be right now!
 Cookies, Cocoa, and Movie Night
We watched "The Nativity Story" again, made some Peanut Butter Blossom cookies, and had the most awesome cocoa EVER (recipe here).
An aside . . . after a year and a half without any "real" tv (no antennae, no satellite, no cable), we had cable hooked up today.  We turned it on for the first time to discover the live coverage of the school shooting in CT. I realized we have not been missing anything.
It was definitely a comfort kind of day . . . so thankful for a Savior in control even when such terrible things happen.
The Long-Awaited-Much-Anticipated Gingerbread House Day
First off, the Walmart kit that is supposed to come with five wee little houses only had four in it.
I made a quick run to the Arapahoe grocery store for some Shur-fine Grahams and whittled myself another house.  And moment of sheer brilliance--
I HOT-GLUED the houses this year!
Oh, was that wonderful! The kids happily piled on the candy and frosting with nary a collapse.
I HIGHLY recommend the hot glue if you are doing this kind of activity with kids. ;o)


Anna said...

HOT GLUE = GENIUS! ALl these crafts are lovely (especially loved Marissa's Nativity). And movie night sounds so cozy. :) Looks like another fabulous week of celebrating.

Kathryn said...

*No wonder* that hot chocolate was good! Amazing ingredients. ;) I love the cards you made---I bet your Granny just adores them and I think it is beyond wonderful that you made a service project as one of your December activities! I think I'm coming to your house next Dec to join in on all this fun!

sarah j. said...

so many fun project. and that was a grand idea to glue the houses together. :)

Brooke said...

Thank you so much for the hot glue tip. Court's house was standing even after he decorated it thanks to you!