Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 2-8

***SnOw MuCh FuN***
(I'm combining our daily December activities with my 365 project because multi-tasking is the name of the game). ;o)
Our theme for the week was snow.  Of course the weather was crazy warm--60's for much of the week!  In December! In Nebraska!  Although we lacked in the cold, white stuff we still got our snowman making on.  Up first, "Snowman Lanterns" out of milk jugs.  Inspiration for idea found here.
On Monday we drew our own snow globe scenes.  Marissa's (top left) cracked me up--it is a self-portrait of herself bracing for the "shake" inside the snow globe.  Isabella and Jackson have cute little winter scenes.  Emmett, exploding airplanes (does he know how to draw anything else?), and Owen claims there is a Christmas tree in his . . . 
Play-dough snowman!  These were fun and cute.  We used toothpicks for the snowman arms, I cut orange craft foam triangles for the carrot noses, and we used whole cloves for the eyes, mouth, and buttons (the cloves worked magnificently for this!).  (Play dough was my own concoction with vanilla extract and white glitter add-ins).  The vanilla and cloves smelled quite lovely.
"Snowman Skiers" made from pine cones we painted white and a mish-mash of other items.  I like the personalization my oldest three did (front row)--Marissa's is blonde with glasses, Isabella's has freckles, and Jackson's is clothed entirely in red (his favorite color).
Snowman drawings in oil pastel.

 Snowman "pops" (made by dipping oreos in white almond bark.  In retrospect we should have used mini chips, but the kids loved making these, and more importantly eating them. ;o)
We had two different things going on today.  The girls were busy on one end of the table creating lovely snowflakes while on the other end the boys were busy finger painting snowmen with a mixture of shaving cream and glue.   The pictures dry all puffy and textured.  And then I turned them loose in the bathtub with the leftover shaving cream--why have I not done this before??  They had so much fun turning themselves into snowmen and it got my bathtub extra clean.   I'm definitely going to keep an emergency stock of shaving cream on hand for those "hairy" days. *giggle*


Judi said...

Fun fun fun.

Natalie said...

Such great ideas. You are so good about doing special things with your kids and creating memories for them.

Anna said...

I'm just giddy over all these beautiful and creative snowman varieties--lovely job! (And WOW on your crafty organization!) Love all these inpiring. :)

Kathryn said...

These are *all* so wonderful! What fun to see your kids' creative personalities shining through and your super organizing and planning (esp. since you can't run to HobLob on a whim) ;) LOVE it all! Way to go, Memory Maker!!