Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas House

Around our home this year--
Thanks for all the chalkboard love from my last post! Inspiration for my chalkboard came from here.  Mine doesn't look *exactly* like that one, but it is 1) close enough, 2) delights me (I think that is my favorite Christmas song ever), and 3) didn't cost me $200. ;o)  That chalkboard is a 3'x4' sheet of smooth plywood that was painted with chalkboard paint.  Usually I display it horizontal, but turned it is vertical this season.  And a little tip I picked up--keep wetting your chalkboard as you work and you get nice vivid writing that isn't quite so "chalky."  It is defintely fun to change it around for the seasons!
"The stockings were hung across the wall on some twine,
because we lack a chimney but it works just fine."
Or something like that. ;o)
I turned all my books around--I think I saw that in a Pottery Barn catalog?  I kind of like the monochromatic look for Christmas.  Josh (who never notices anything . . .) walked in the door and within 6 seconds demanded to know what had happened to my books.  "You don't like it?" I queried.  He deflected . . . but for now they're staying that way. ;o)
Up close on that shelf-- twigs from outside and some faux pine branches in the pitcher, "Silent Night" sign I painted a few years ago.
~Kids Corner~
The Christmas book collection displayed on the shelves (ones that didn't fit are in the bucket), the Fisher Price nativity, nativity finger puppets, and our advent countdown "clothesline."
~Dining Room~
The dining room hutch a little bit closer.  I was craving some silver and sparkles this year, so Hobby Lobby hooked me up with some little "disco ball" ornaments.  We all love when the morning or late afternoon light hits them and throws little "light polka dots" all over the ceiling and walls.  I kind of like the mix of rustic (the pinecones and wood bowl) with the sparkly silver--it's always fun to tweak what you have just a bit to make it feel new!
This hutch had to get resituated for Christmas time--it was standing in the corner where the tree now sits.  I had to do things a bit different because I rearranged the living room after Christmas last year and added another bookshelf to the original "tree corner."  Unfortunately, putting the small hutch here meant removing my large wall shelf that I enjoy decorating for the holidays.  (But life went on). ;o)
Getting up close and personal with that decorated shelf on my hutch--my favorite little DIY ornaments from last year. ;o)
And the tree, which you've already seen.  I wanted to point out the sign . . . since I took down the shelf I put it on last year I was left scrambling for a place that would work.  Under the tree seemed best and I love how it refocuses my heart every time I glance at the tree, "Adore HIM." (Thanks again Kathy--still LOVE it!) ;o)
And that pretty much concludes "Christmas Home Tour 2012."  Oh, all except for my girl's room which they did all by themselves:
I love the lights wrapped around the bed. ;o)


Anna said...

Oh how fun--the girls' room! Thanks for the inspiring's all so beautiful, and I'm still in love with your color palette.

...and I think all your signs are my favorite--the J-O-Y, Ador Him and the O Holy Night Song. Well, and the sparkly music ornaments...I could go on. :)

Kathryn said...

I love the white tree in your girlies' room. What fun for them to decorate by themselves. Everything in your home always looks so cozy and inviting and I love all the Christmas decor.