Sunday, November 4, 2012

October 28- November 3

Getting ready for church and the kids are all shouting for me in the living room, "Mommy, you have to come see this!"  A glorious sunrise!
Chicken Cobbler--the ultimate in comfort food!  I'm not going to lie, this is not a "throw it together and bake it" kind of meal--it starts with a whole chicken.  I begin the process around noon and by the time I am finished I've thoroughly trashed the kitchen.  But it is always worth it!! ;o)
Words that still your heart, "Mommy I got all the knots out!" and instantly you remember the scissors you left out that morning.  Oh yes. Owen cut his hair.  Of course, I was planning on taking some Christmas pictures soon. I pulled out the clippers to give him a "big boy cut" but the rest of the family {Josh} put up such a fuss about how he wouldn't be Owen anymore I ended up just trimming around a bit in an attempt to hide it.  His hair has looked better . . .
We rummaged through the costume bin, coming up with a pirate, a southern belle, a mutant turtle, a knight, and Luke Skywalker and then headed downtown to be part of the main street parade followed by trick-or-treating the businesses--nice small-town fun.  I made my debut as Spiderman . . . (we had bought a boy costume in size large off the clearance rack last year thinking it would fit Jackson, but it fit me instead--I can now cross "Walk around downtown as Spiderman" off my bucket list). ;o)
To be quite honest, I'm not even sure what the boys were doing here. When I went to see what pictures I had taken on Nov. 1st, this is all there was.  Not necessarily the best of photographs, but I love that they are happy even though they are all in each other's personal space.
Daddy is always much loved once he gets home from school each afternoon.
Josh in is the midst of some elaborate van sprucing up--nothing is broken, but he is doing (I think) preventative maintenance.  He announced his first successful hose removal.  I watch in the wings rather nervously as boxes of van parts arrive at my door and he begins taking things apart.  It's kind of a sink-or-swim venture.  But I'll say it again, he continues to surprise me in all that he can do (and hopefully whatever he is doing right now will go back together lickety-split!).


sarah j. said...

that really is a glorious sunset! and it's always fun to see little boys snuggled up with their daddy. :)

Mom said...

Dear forgot the picture of you in your "spidy" outfit. Please update this week of photos! :-)

Brooke said...

I demand to see a pic of you as spiderman. ;-) It is the start of comfort food season, isn't it?

Natalie said...

One of my favorite things is a glorious looking sky. Great capture!

Anna said...

OH NO--the hair! How sad, those pretty blonde curls. The sunrise, however, is stunning. And the rest looks like a good week! :)