Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 4-10

Once or twice a year Josh gets the urge to make the kids a deluxe breakfast--we're talking sausage, bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast, eggs (with runny centers to dip the toast).  This Sunday morning was one of those special days.  The "fall back" having left him feeling quite spry (and the fact we were streaming the Hills into our living room for church that morning) left us with a leisurely amount of time to do breakfast right.
Sunset out the back . . . again, love those colors.
I was planning on putting my little "I voted" sticker in my Project Life album to document the day, but alas, Arapahoe does not hand out stickers. So, I improvised.  This is my pre-vote-count face, one of hope and giddiness . . .
After being startled by a mouse running across the kitchen floor, and then the next morning, one running across the bathroom floor (perhaps the same mouse . . . I'm not sure, but yes, I screamed both times) it was time to assemble the essentials.  Blech.  After several nights of trap setting we've only caught one, so hopefully that is all there is.  Last year we didn't have a single one . . . I'm not sure why this year is different.
Josh home for lunch being serenaded by Owen on kazoo--a catchy medley of "Jingle Bells' interspersed with the chorus of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing."
It was Christmas card picture day, and this one of Owen hopping in the air just cracks me up every time I look at it.  Doesn't he look like an impish little firecracker?
A day of such strange weather.  I looked out the window and was shocked with how monochromatic everything looked, and while it looks like it is a wintry picture it is actually 77 degrees and crazy windy.  I think the sky looks so strange because of all the dust in the air.  Two hours later it was 30 degrees!


Kathryn said...

I love the picture of your whole gang gathered around a fabulous looking breakfast. What a fun memory/tradition Josh is building with the kids! The sunset picture is breathtaking and I enjoyed your sweet, happy voting picture before results came in. :) I always look forward to Mondays when I know you'll be posting your weekly wrap-up!!

sarah j. said...

mice... bleck! we have trouble with the little buggers licking the pb off, so we use my grandpa Art's trick, tie a tiny piece of raw bacon to the trigger. works every time! cuz, i mean, who doesn't love bacon?

both sky pictures are very pretty in their own way. :)

and yes, Owen's face is priceless in that jumping picture!

Anna said...

Boo for the mice! Hope that's under control for you...the breakfast looks AMAZING. And love your cute voting picture. :)

Love the Christmas outfits...look forward to seeing pictures! :)

Brooke said...

So cute Owen! I love when you can catch their personalities. :-) That last picture is amazing! I just assumed you had changed the camera to "sepia tone" before I read on. Beautiful in it's uniqueness.