Monday, November 26, 2012

November 18-24

Marissa's latest "novel"--I think she's somewhere around chapter nine.  She's awfully fond of adventure/fantasy and that is what she writes.  I'm really not sure what it is about because it embarrasses her terribly to have somebody read it (which I told her she'll have to get over if she wants to be published). ;o)
"Mommy, there's a shark in my soup!" says Emmett, and it made me laugh because all I could think of was Grover and the impossible guy he waited on, "Waiter--there's a fly in my soup." You know, from Sesame Street??
New Christmas CD arrived in the mail--LOVE it.  If you enjoy fiddlin' I think you can't help but like this CD, or if you like the Getty's . . . it is currently the soundtrack of our lives. ;o)
Forty-eight five four butterhorn rolls all baked and ready for Thanksgiving (what kind of mother would I be if I didn't allow sampling fresh from the oven?). ;o)  While this isn't my Grandma Hansmeyer's actual recipe these are the kind of rolls she made for every holiday, the rolls everyone looked forward to.  Whenever I make them I can't help but have fond memories of meals at their home.
Thanksgiving dinner at Louie and Becky's farmhouse.  My dad had a hay rack ride ready and waiting.  There used to be a railroad that ran by their home, but all the tracks have since been removed.  Now it makes a nice place for hay rack rides.  The family members you don't see in this picture are attempting to climb a very steep hill (while the saner family members look on).
A combination Thanksgiving/birthday meal celebration at Josh's parents on Friday evening.  Josh's mom really outdid herself making favorite foods of those who had birthdays as well as some more traditional Thanksgiving fare.  It was yummy!  The main excitement of the night was meeting the newest baby cousin, Taliya.  Isabella had to get her snuggles in, and Owen was utterly fascinated with the "tiny ears, tiny lips, tiny nose . . ."
My friend Kathy helped me "get my knit on."  I'm hoping to have a new hobby to keep me busy this winter and here is my beginning attempt at what was supposed to be a washcloth, but after the girls oohed and awed and told me it was too beautiful to be a washcloth I decided they could have it for a Barbie afghan.  They were quite delighted. ;o)  Now to figure out how to get it off of the needles . . .


Kathryn said...

Love the story behind each picture. I'm quite impressed that you made Barbie's afghan so quickly. :)

Anna said...

What a beautiful babe! How exciting...and I love your crafty afghan and beautiful rolls. And looks like an adventurous script of your young author! :)

...and how lovely to have such a perfect spot for hayrack rides.

Nicole said...

Beware: once you begin a knitting project, you will not want to do anything else. Knitting, for me, is like reading a good book--I can't put it down until it is complete, and that is dangerous for me! By the way, I don't know how you even find "spare time" for a new hobby. :) Have fun with it!