Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wedding Round-Up

I've already shared my pictures from Louie and Becky's wedding on facebook (I had forgotten how instantly gratifying that is!!). ;o)  But I wanted to put a few of my favorites on my blog.
The wedding was at Doane College in Crete, and it is no secret they have a beautiful campus there. Saturday proved to be a glorious fall day, perfect for outdoor pictures.  I truly can't wait to see what their photographer captured!
Becky, the beaming bride!
My siblings and I . . . I'm so happy Josh got this shot! I can't remember the last time we managed a picture of just the four of us (maybe it was my wedding??).  And off in the left hand corner is my dad.
Becky's stunning bouquet--so many wonderful colors and textures there!
A sweet picture of my mom with Louie in the background.
This last week, the wedding . . . it has left me with such a full heart.  I had a wonderful time back in Lincoln.  We were so busy, but I was blessed with lots of one-on-one visits with so many of my favorite people and I love that.  And then to see my baby brother get married!  You have to know he was my "first baby."  I was 5.5 years old when he was born.  I remember when my dad woke me up to tell me I had a brother.  I was soooo happy--if he had been a girl they were planning on naming him Erin.  I thought that a hideous name (at the time). ;o)  I remember sneaking out with my dad to bring him home from the hospital.  I adored him.  I used to bring him to school on his birthday for show-and-tell.  I potty-trained him.  I taught him to spell long words--like "alligator"--so he could impress others.  It pleases me to no end that tonight he is tucked into the farmhouse he spent years remodeling with his new bride.  God is so good.


Brooke said...

Your sibling picture is frame worthy- you girls look gorgeous! So glad you had a great time. :-)

Kathryn said...

LOVE these pictures---all 4 of your siblings look *wonderful* and pictures of brides just make me happy---so much emotion and excitement on their faces! The paragraph about your baby brother made me laugh and tear up at the same time! What special memories. I'm surprised "Erin" was on the name list since it doesn't have 5 letters. ;) Seems that Louie was perfect training ground for you as today, you are a wonderful mommy!!

sarah j. said...

i love the picture of the 4 of you. such sweet memories! :)

Mom said...

A note to Kathy....
I loved having Janna take over the potty training....remember, if any of your kids ask to help you with something, you always let them.

Also, the name Erin Leah was Roy's idea. My choice for a girl was Leah Erin in order to keep the J L J L pattern. But God is wise, gave us Lukas, and therefore Roy and I wouldn't have to argue about this! Ha Ha

Anna said...

Oh, this is so sweet, Janna! What a special bond you had with your baby brother--beautiful pictures! Love the bouquet, and especially that sibling shot! :)