Sunday, October 7, 2012

September 30-October 6

After throwing around a few ideas Josh and I determined that the kids could use some more Bible instruction, and so Josh pulled out his lessons from back in his Awana teaching days.  The kids and I were quite impressed to learn we would be having a multi-media presentation. ;o)  Thus began our Bible walk-through, it's more review for the girls, but needed for the boys (and they LOVE having Daddy teach them!).
Isabella decided to wrap her hair up in a comb . . .
She has had brighter ideas. ;o)
Our first frost--it didn't take out everything, but my pumpkin vines were done for.
My little animal-lover enjoying some hedgehog time. (Not sure if "enjoy would be the word the hedgehog would use though . . .)
Reader Rissy sprawled out on the floor because the brothers had confiscated all living room furniture for fort-building.
Jackson "watching" (all he has is the little ESPN play-by-play to follow) the Cardinals/Braves games . . . uh-oh, Braves got a hit, hence the angst.
A pile of pumpkins in the living room because we were going to get a hard freeze and I am determined to prolong their lives as long as possible.


Anna said...

What pretty pumpkins! Glad you rescued them from the frost. LOL on the comb stunt. And the walk-through-the-Bible lessons sound GREAT. Very impressive to have the presentation through the TV screen. :)

sarah j. said...

is that a Brian Jacques book Marissa has? i loved his series "redwall" when i was her age. and so fun to see a picture of Josh training up his kiddos (esp. sons) in the ways of the Lord. oh, and i would have saved the pumkins too! ;)

Brooke said...

Joe has been talking about getting a hedgehog......he'll be jealous. :-)