Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 7-13

This was the freeze that took out everything else.  The flowers were so pretty that morning encased in frost, but by afternoon they were officially brown and dead.
The sidewalk chalk spent most of the summer neglected, but apparently Emmett got inspired this afternoon to draw a "super-tall" striped house.
There are some Cardinals fans in my household, and there has been some excitement since they made it to the play-offs.  I'll have you know Owen totally dressed himself this day. ;o)
A lovely autumn sky.
A friend on facebook mentioned making pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and after mulling the idea around I decided pumpkin plus cinnamon roll must equal a good thing.  Oh, it did . . .
Spent the day finishing my packing, spent the afternoon driving the kids and I to Lincoln for our very own "fall break."  Took a picture of my mother-in-law's pumpkin pile on the back of her truck.
Josh is kind of despondent that between his mom and I there isn't a decent jack o' lantern making pumpkin to be found . . . "All that pumpkin growing and neither of you could go a normal pumpkin?"  'Tis true. ;o)
Lovely autumn rain overnight making all the colors just "pop" the next morning.
Have I mentioned I love October?? ;o)


sarah j. said...

you have definitely inspired me to grow my own pumpkins next year. and i love the colors of the trees! so pretty! praise the Lord for all those beautiful colors!

Anna said...

Oh how amazing--the frosty flower! Love that unique shot..and the pumpkins, the cinnamon roll (YUM), the beautiful trees...yay, Fall! And Owen's pose is so cute, ready to slug it out. :)

Natalie said...

October is my favorite! Love the colors of autumn you captured.

Kathryn said...

"Normal" pumpkins are highly overrated---the pile you have looks perfect! :) The picture of the flower with frost is *gorgeous*

Brooke said...

Oh, but "normal" pumpkins are a dime a dozen. Not even worth the watering! LOVE the varieties. And yay for sidewalk chalk! Ours are worn down to tiny nibs.