Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 14-20

Why yes, it is another tree picture (to offset the number of pumpkin pictures).  Fall only comes but once a year you know. ;o)
I spent the day at my parents' home.  While my dad took the kids fishing and did who knows what else keeping them busy all day my mom and I got to work measuring, figuring, cutting, sewing, realizing we didn't have enough trim, sewing, realizing we mis-measured . . . all in hopes of completing seven flower girl skirts.  We came up woefully shy that day, but at least got a good start.  As a reward my mom let me lay out the quilt she is making for me.  I'm looking forward to seeing it all sewed up!!
I met my sweet friend Anna and her bunch at Pioneers Park for a fall walk in the nature area.  Funny thing #1, while standing there with our combined nine children we were mistaken for a field trip group and asked if we were waiting for a guide.  Funny thing #2, our walk quickly morphed into the next episode of Wonder Pets "There's a baby snapping turtle!! He is dehydrated! We must help him!" (I'm loosely singing the theme song in my head, you too?) ;o)  Long-story-short we found a nearly dried up snapping turtle out on the prairie, a ways away from water.  He was barely moving, but Anna had some bottled water so we made him a little pool in the sippy cup holder of her stroller.  He revived!  A little too much actually--by the time we got him back to the nature center we were having quite the time keeping him contained.  Hopefully, he is now swimming the creek happily. ;o)
We spent the morning at my sister's checking out her amazing new home.  They are up to their eyeballs in remodeling projects but it is going to be such a fantastic place for their family when they are all done. 
I finished up the two skirts for my girls.  My mom later said she should have given me more . . . somehow we didn't divide that up too evenly as I left her with the other five . . . oops. ;o)
Birthday day!! We kicked off the morning with monkey bread and a relaxing (?) jaunt in the MRI tube for me (nothing new to report that I know of, just some brain tumor follow-up that needed to happen).  We took the kids to the Children's Museum and when we got back to Josh's parents' home his mom had chili and a lovely cupcake tower waiting for a little birthday lunch.  I was suffering some mommy guilt that I didn't have time to make Marissa a birthday cake this year, but Grandma saved the day. ;o)  That evening we enjoyed hanging out at the rehearsal/dinner with all my family.
Aaaaaand WEDDING DAY!!
Sadly, I didn't manage to get a single one of my brother and his new wife together when all the pictures were happening outside but here's Aunt Becky and all the flower girls.
(more pictures to follow . . . maybe tomorrow . . . or sometime this week . . .)


Mom said...

As always, I love all the photos. And I am so thankful you have been blessed with a wonderful mother in law who remembers to do something special for your and Marissa's birthdays! :-) (Sorry, I was a little preoccupied!) Love you!

sarah j. said...

those skirts are so cute! how fun! :)

Anna said...

Look at the beautiful bride with all those pretty flower girls. :) I'm still smiling over our cute little snapping turtle adventure. (What a fun day!!) Also love the colorful tree shot...and what a beautiful quilt! Hope you can return quickly to normalcy and routine at home. We loved having you back! :)

Kathryn said...

What a week full of special memories! I love the table picture of all the cousins together and the girls looked so cute in their matching skirts.

Brooke said...

I'm chuckling to myself over your quilt fabrics...I have several of that line in my scrap pile right now. We shouldn't go shopping together, I have a feeling we'd be fighting over too much. ;-) Keep the fall photos coming!