Monday, October 29, 2012

Linky Love

Places to visit this week . . .

During October I've been reading through  "Life In Grace" blog's "31 Days of Hospitality" (head here to read Day 1). I really enjoyed the first few days when she was talking about what hospitality really is--it's not the perfectly decorated home that often immediately pops to my mind.  It is reaching out to people in whatever form that takes on.  It is making time for others.  I don't think this has been something that has come naturally to me--I've had to work and work at it! Hospitality is ministering to others . . . maybe it is a meal, or a card in the mail, or a little "thinking of you gift," but there is an availability to it, a willingness to put aside your own "to-do's" and connect with somebody else. 

Along a similar vein, I really like this short post "The Myth of the Next House."  It was just a good reminder for me to stop making excuses (particularly along the lines of hospitality!). ;o)

I'm reading this book (and it is kicking me in the rear!). I give it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  It is full of scripture and and the author writes in a bravely honest manner--perhaps a must read for all women?

Something fun--free little calendars (I like them for my menu planning).  Head here for the 2012 ones, and here for the 2013.

I sat under this sermon Sunday (have patience, it seems to be really slow at pulling up!) , a survey of Habakkuk (that link should take you directly to it, if not go here and click on the sermon from Oct. 28th.).  If you have the time this week (particularly before the election I think) have a listen.  It's a good one!

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sarah j. said...

so many links that i'm excited to go through when i get a minute. thanks for sharing! (i always appreciate book referrals from people i trust)