Monday, September 17, 2012

What We've Been Reading

A few read-alouds the boys have enjoyed--

(two good stories involving baseball, both dealing a bit with World War II--what boy wouldn't love that?) ;o)

(this one is probably Emmett's favorites--all about the animals that live on a farm and their very realistic personality quirks) 

(I adore the artwork in this one, done on "scratchboard" and so vivid)

And something for me: 

This book came out in 2006, making it by no means new, but it was new to me.  What a story!  I think if you are someone who has dealt firsthand with grief in your life this would be a really hard read.  It is the kind of book you need to keep some tissues handy.  I'm sad that this author has written no other books, because truly, when I finished it I wanted to read it all over again, and there aren't a whole lot of books that bring out that kind of response in me!  All that to say, I highly recommend it!


Anna said...

Yay! Glad for more Janna-recommended picks of books...checking out links now. :)

Natalie said...

I'm always looking for good book ideas. That looks like a good one.