Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 16-22

Just a normal Sunday evening of family pyramid building.
My "musquee's" are SLOWLY turning orange--most pictures I see show them as variegated, but I'd kind of prefer them to be more orange than green.  And I'd also prefer them to hurry it up already . . . ;o)
Finding an author I haven't read before (Lisa Bergren), reading her newest one (which was basically a cliff-hanger) and then going back and checking out her old ones, one series found at the Kearney Library, the other at Arapahoe's (what are those red circle on the books you ask? Well, Arapahoe uses those to notate all the book that have no language/sex . . . quite handy, eh?). ;o)  The most amusing thing about this pile though is that I have six books balancing on a book about time management . . .
But you see, we were driving to Lincoln and I can do about one book each way, and in the event of car trouble it's always good to have spares.  How do you think I survived six hours trapped on a mountain this past March?? ;o)
Fall baking commences!! Molasses Ginger Cookies (they are Kim Harms' recipe in the new church cookbook and I love them because of the orange zest) and Salted Caramel Butter Bars which you can find here (if you like shortbread and/or caramel you will love them--truly, they are all kinds of awesomeness that can't be put into words and may or may not use a full pound of butter . . .).  A few notes though:  #1--I like to divide the crust batter in half, press half into the pan, leave the other half for the crumb topping, and #2--I put half the sea salt on the caramel, but then sprinkle the rest on the crumb topping.  I found the first time that the salt seemed to get a little "lost" in the caramel, and when I tried it on top it stood out a bit more.
And I also made pumpkin fudge, after all the first day of fall was fast approaching and I was feeling quite celebratory.
Apple farm field trip for the kids--so many apples on the ground!!!  We brought back lots of Melrose--they are yummy!  I'm hoping to turn out a pie sometime in the next week.
My mother-in-law's "beauty berry bush" that I've determined I'm in desperate need of!  They get these gorgeous berries in the fall.  We were thinking how lovely they would look with one of those domesticated goldenrods . . . oodles of great fall interest! ;o)


Anna said...

Nice pyramid! And the food and plant pics are beautiful..especially the berry bush, and the pumpkin leaves are amazing! Can't wait to see it in its orangey glory. Have a great week!! :)

Natalie said...

If I was your neighbor I might sneak over and "borrow" some of your pumpkins. Love them!

Brooke said...

I love that you HAVE a whole pyramid. ;-) Looks like happy reading!