Saturday, September 8, 2012


What's been going on . . .

Due to the fact we check out about six "Where's Waldo" books every time we go to the library we decided to get Jackson one of his own for his birthday.  To make it a little bit more fun I resized a few photos of Jackson, printed them off on regular white paper and glued them in the book.  It was a huge hit!  I must admit to feeling quite giddy with my cleverness. ;o)
Every scene includes a different picture of Jackson, and I have to say it is quite hilarious seeing what the little Jackson is doing in the context of the scene.  Jackson was delighted!
We've jazzed up the boring (but standard) sandwiches for lunch by "Subway-ifying" them.  The kids are much more prone to eat and enjoy something they've had a hand in creating.  I've gathered a collection of lunch meats, cheeses, honey mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickle "stackers," sliced black olives, banana pepper rings, etc.  I spread it all out and give them creative license.  We're all much happier with sandwiches now.  And I must say, I love the added zing of red onion and banana peppers on my sandwich--it is awesome!  I'm planning on getting a basket for the fridge that will hold all of our sandwich goods--that way we can just pull everything out at once without hunting all over the fridge (also I like to prep things like the onions and lettuce for the whole week, eliminating the need to do that daily).  So if you need a lunchtime idea, there it is! ;o)

I've tried out some new recipes--
Lemon-Poppy Seed Zucchini Bread --I doubled the recipe and made muffins out of it (made roughly two dozen).  They are yummy, but didn't come out of the (greased) pan all that well--in the future I would use liners.
French Apple Cake --this link will take you to where you can find it, but if you actually want the recipe you'll have to sign up for a free trial of  This was yummy and I think would taste extra awesome with a warm caramel sauce drizzled over the top and a mug of strong tea.  It kind of has a custard/bread pudding vibe going on.
Josh has been taking all interested children to various volleyball and football games over at the high school affording me some blessed peace and quiet.  It is lovely. ;o)  I love them all, but I must admit that I'm tempted to turn cartwheels the minute they all walk out the door.  I've read that extroverts get their energy from being around crowds and introverts from having some quiet, and I would say that is definitely true for me!
SOOOOO happy to have my favorite season upon us!  I love when the magazines begin to arrive with their awesome fall covers.  I've been fiddling with the decorating and have begun bringing in the pumpkins.  *blissful sigh*  Lots of baking in the future and the reinstatement of "Soup-er Saturday."  Life is good. ;o)


Natalie said...

Great idea for lunch! I am so ready for soup weather again.

sarah j. said...

so many pretty magazine! have fun looking through those. i'm also going to have to copy your lunch idea & see if that helps little men be more interested. ;)

Kris said...

Got my first "pumpkiny" magazine yesterday in the mail- happiness! We had our first day of taking a nice deep breath without suffocating from humidity this morning on the way to church and it was blissful. Happy to enter fall right along with you!!!

Anna said...

Ooh I'm loving all this foodie inspiration!! Baking, soup, pretty pumpkins and a daily sandwich bar--love, love, love! :)

...and the Where's Jackson idea = genius! Hope you guys are having a good week. ;)