Friday, September 28, 2012

Early Autumn Runs

If you know me, you know that I think fall is THE BEST SEASON OF THEM ALL.  Therefore, it should not surprise you that fall would also be my favorite time of year for running.  While I am not piling on the mileage like I was when training for the half-marathon this past spring I still try to get out for quick little "2 milers" more mornings than not.  (And FYI morning time is also my very favorite time to run--it's just so fresh and peaceful and the light is yummy).
I'm awfully fond of my little running route, same one every day.  I am definitely a creature of habit. There is a little country road heading out of town, and having gotten my start on gravel roads it makes my heart happy to be navigating them again.
And right now, my little gravel road is looking mighty pretty--
This is the end of the first mile where I fly down this hill with two horses as my witnesses. Although, yesterday they were missing and instead I was startled by a very large raccoon--so big I nearly mistook it for a tiny bear.  Some days there are deer and some days it smells like skunk and I glance about myself with much trepidation.
And for a few days longer at least there are corn fields hemming me in on both sides.  I will miss their rustlings once they have been harvested.  But then the cows will move in for a feast and I'll have a new cheering section . . . ;o)
My little route and the solitude it affords me is a blessing.  There has been a lot of thinking and planning and praying pounded out on that gravel--it's great when exercise can multi-task, good for the body AND the soul.


Mom said...

I love your new "heading" picture. So beautiful. This is my favorite time of the year, too.

Anna said...

Oh, this IS a pretty the visual of you darting over the countryside, alone but for your furry friends. The pictures are beautiful!

sarah j. said...

so pretty! makes me want to run in the country! (not that i'm anywhere near the country, nor am i a runner. lol!)