Sunday, September 2, 2012

August 26-September 1

Hot day + no pool = improvisation
Brothers all snuggly reading together (some sort of super hero book--of course!).
Owen really wants to play the violin and he came up with this little set-up, joining Marissa.  He carefully imiated her bowing and hummed along. ;o)
One of those moments I find myself shot through with the realization I haven't seen Owen in awhile.  I rush outside, figuring he was peddling about the neighborhood (he recently learned how to ride a bike with training wheels, "Watch me go super fast!" he says, and yeah, he does have some speed for a two year old), but rest assured he was only sitting on top of the mini-van.  "Wheeeeee!" he tells me, sliding down the wind shield . . .
I accidentally picked my biggest pumpkin . . . I was trying to get some straw underneath it, so the top wouldn't discolor (it was growing upside down) and she snapped off, all 35 lbs of her (yes, I weighed it).  This is one of the "Musquee de Provence" ones and supposed to turn a dusky orange or a mixture of green/orange.  We'll see if it does anything now that it has been picked.
Arrived back in Lincoln for Labor Day weekend, limping in on a dying van. (sadness, and we're still not quite sure how we are getting back . . .) Driving down my in-laws' driveway I noticed the sun setting behind some wild sunflowers, so I snapped a picture before we even unloaded our gear.
Labor Day weekend tradition . . . bonfire and s'mores.


Kathryn said...

The swimming buckets look a tad too cozy for my taste. ;) You're doing so great keeping up with these weekly snaps--so fun to get a peek at what you and your crew are up to!

Anna said...

The sunflowers and pumpkin are beautiful! And I love the violin and mini-pools. Fun week in your house! :)

Kari M. said...

Love that you are calm enough to take a pic of the "slide" without being alarmed!! If you are still in Lincoln you are welcome to come over to play and hang out if you need somewhere else to hang for a couple hours (-=