Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tour de Missouri~St. Louis

We arrived at our hotel, the "Millennium" by early afternoon of the 3rd day.
Josh pricelined our room for $50!
The cool thing about it, on one side of the street was the St. Louis Arch.

And on the other the Cardinals' stadium.
Josh was beyond thrilled to get a room facing the stadium.
This hotel is 27 stories high . . . Josh requested the 27th floor.
The kids were thrilled. Personally, I hoped for no earthquakes or airplane crashes . . .
After unloading our gear we walked over to the Arch.
It was amazing!  Definitely one of the highlights of the whole trip.
We all managed to fit into the little cable car/elevator for the ride to the top.
I was a bit worried about this part.  I really wanted to go to the top, but that whole fear of heights thing.  I'm happy to report it wasn't that bad and I didn't experience any of the swaying that others had warned me of.
We all enjoyed peering out the windows--630 feet up in the air!
The following day we had a whirlwind morning.
The Forest Park area of St. Louis is home to many free things, and so we made quick work of:
The St. Louis Zoo (hence the elephant picture)
The St. Louis Art Museum
The St. Louis Science Center
Before heading out we found our way to the Basilica.

Truly, pictures cannot do it justice.  That is some amazing architecture, inside and out.  If you ever find yourself in St. Louis you MUST check it out.  It is absolutely gorgeous!
We left St. Louis by 2:30 on that 4th day, and hit the road for Branson.  And I must add, that we made it through lunch of that 4th day not eating out at all!!  That's always an expense that adds up so quickly with a large family, but we made the most of hotel breakfasts, sandwiches/lunch picnics, and things we could heat in the microwave for supper.  It worked fabulously! ;o)


Kathryn said...

Oh what fun! I love the perspective on your Arch photo and so proud of you for braving it all the way to the top!! ;) Someday, you will need to write an article on how to vacation on shoestring're so great at finding fun (often free) things and getting good motel prices, etc.

Natalie said...

Thanks for the St. Louis recommendation. We are looking into it as it would fit in perfectly with a mini trip we are taking to KC in June. I'm thinking we could tie them together easily as you did. If you think of any other St. Louis tips, let me know!