Monday, August 6, 2012

Tour de Missouri~Kansas City

We left at 7:00 a.m. on July 30th, picnicked at a rest stop along the way for lunch and managed to make it to our first destination by early afternoon.
We enjoyed checking out this farmstead which is free Monday-Thursday.  If I lived in the KC area I think we would go there often.  It kind of reminds me of a children's zoo, only devoted to all things farm--animals, beautiful gardens (flowers and vegetable), a one-room schoolhouse, and lots of other fun little areas to visit.
Emmett hugged a few goats.
I got all sentimental over a pig's backside. 
Seeing that piggie's little wagging tail made me wax nostalgic about growing up on a pig farm.
They have such happy little tails! ;o)
And maybe the biggest hit--pedal tractors--even my girls enjoyed circling the path on them!
After Deanna Rose we navigated our way to the KC American Girl store because Isabella had some birthday money burning a hole in her pocket.  Following that I made my first visit to Nell Hill's . . . what a beautiful store!!
Day Two found us spending six hours at the "Schlitterbahn."  The kids absolutely loved it.
Josh and I were kind of "eh" about it--it was fun and all, but Josh requires a bit more thrill, and me . . . well, my idea of fun will never include trying to keep track of five children at a big water park.  We got there and immediately lost Emmett for about five minutes . . . 'nough said. ;o)
(the sand castle out front)
One tired little boy who fell asleep in his tube while out in the water!
That evening Josh took the boys to a Royals game, and the girls and I hit up the "Legends" mall which was within walking distance of the hotel.  We found some good deals for both the girls and I.
We had fun exploring "Charming Charlies" for the first time and Isabella came away with a cute little nail manicure set.
I kind of wish I lived near that mall . . .
(Isabella staging pictures with her doll and her new luggage ensemble)
We packed up and left KC by midmorning of the 3rd day.  We wore out the kids so well the day before that they slept most of the way to St. Louis.  It was lovely. ;o)
(next post, the St. Louis pictures . . .)

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