Friday, August 17, 2012

The First Week

This week Josh returned to his job, the heat for the most part went away, we opened windows and enjoyed fresh breezes, and ultimately got back to a school routine.  It was a good week.  The first day I was quite delighted with myself . . . I had gotten up, spent time in the Word and in prayer, ran two miles, showered, dressed, and checked email (etc) all before 8:00 a.m (the time we start school).  And then at 8:04 a migraine hits.  I had to think, "Really? On the first day?"  But I popped some pills and plodded on through "aura-filled" eyes, determined to remain cheerful while I worked with one very excited kindergartner.  We made it.  It was a good lesson to me (one that often seems to need repeating) that even though I wasn't feeling my best, and the migraine wasn't part of the "first day" plans, I can always choose my attitude, and really a happy heart does make life more doable.  The week went down peacefully--it was a pleasure to get back to our routine.  Yes, sometimes there are four people needing help at once, but there are no appointments to keep or places to be and I have all the time in the world.  (Yes, my floor could still use a mopping . . . I'm not super-woman).  ;o)  I think this year I truly am seeing how out-numbered I am, how there really is no way to do this with my own strength, and I find myself covering our days in prayer so much more.  Because that's the only explanation I can give to a week that involved a migraine, a trip to the E.R. in Cambridge (that was supposed to result in stitches for Emmett, but did not, so we're holding his chin together with butterfly bandages . . .), and literally stabbing my finger with a fork (bet you didn't know putting silverware away was so hazard-filled!). Life is always happening in the midst of everything else--but we still had a good week.  I can only chalk that up to two things, 1) Praying lots! 2) A cheerful heart!
So, the first week is down in the books . . . and yay it's the weekend! ;o)


Mom said...

Love those first day of school pictures....and comic relief in teaching is extremely important!! That will help with the attitude!

Anna said...

Oh no, what a bummer! Hope the migraines leave you alone. I absolutely LOVE your bursting garden framing the sidewalk and your beautiful school kids! Praying that next week will be smooth sailing for you. *hugs*

sarah j. said...

those are fantastic school pictures! i'm totally going to copy you! ;) will be praying for you guys as you continue to get in the swing of things.

Brooke said...

Owen's sign made me laugh aloud. We've been saying Prov 17:22 a lot around here, cheerfulness is so important, Thank you for the reminder! Praying the school continues to go well!

Kris said...

Congrats on your successful first week (and now almost second!) Talk about working under pressure (the painful head kind) are amazing. ☺

I will send you a private fb message with our school decision thing, I've had to be VERY careful with how things can be perceived when posted online (one of the reasons I wrestled and didn't post for such a long time while we prayed through it).

Lots of love to your sweet family!