Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 24-30

Josh alerted me to the fact we had an owl visitor in the tree-line north of our house.  It was getting dark and I don't have a far-reaching lens, so this is the best I could do (even after cropping).  He was big!! We got to see him fly off too.  I don't believe I've ever seen an owl just hanging out in the wild.
Obviously the pumpkins are feeling my adoration, because they're throwing some love right back at me. ;o)
It was a miserably hot week.  I don't remember the last time I've been in a heat wave like this one or deeply craved a thunderstorm as much as I do right now.
Isabella and I are trying to learn how to crochet (thank you  She spent the whole day chain-stitching bracelets and necklaces for our household.
Yay for visitors from Lincoln!  The Schroer's were on their way to Colorado for vacation and thought they'd stop by and say hello.  We LOVED having them visit for a couple of hours before they took to the road again.  Coming this way?  Don't be a stranger. ;o)
"Decorate a donut day" at a restaurant downtown.  Free donuts?  We are so there. ;o)
Zinnias abloom!!!  I thought I had just planted dark pink ones, but apparently I remembered incorrectly.  We have all sort of yellow, oranges, peaches, and pinks!  I have decided I love zinnias.

(And yay, I've now covered a complete half a year in pictures!! So fun!!) ;o)


Mom said...

As always, I love your pictures. The one with the should submit that to some gardening magazine...I would think they would "love" it too! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Brooke said...

That pumpkin vine picture should be a greeting card. AMAZING. Just love how God gives us small blessings through His creation everyday. :-)

Anna said...

The zinnias are GORGEOUS...and I am in love with the pumpkin tendrils. Crocheting and donut decorating = FUN! This was a good week of unique pictures for you.